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Movie Review! Immortals

Title: Immortals
Release: 11-11-11
Staring: Henry Cavill, Luke Evans, Stephen Dorff, Kellan Lutz, Isabel Lucas, and more.


Synopsis:  Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity.

Taken from Immortals

I had been anticipating seeing this movie ever since I heard it was being made. The main reason: the men. 

After seeing it I've come to love it much much more than for just the men.

I'm going to point out the negative of the movie, although it is very very miniscule: the story line was very simply.... Theseus has to try and stop Hyperion from releasing the Titans. The movie did not have much other twists throughout the tale and any small detail that could have surprised you was released on line. I also found that the mythology didn't seem to match what I remembered about the tale of Theseus; however, I'm not a mythology major so I'll simply have to rad-up on the tales of the Greek heroes to see if I can find anything.

Also there were not a lot of gods in this movie. I think we were only every introduced to six of them, although two of them wen't without being mentioned by name and I had to do some research to find out who they were exactly. 

A little of note...anyone in here every remember Timmy from the TV show lassie? Canadian made of course. Or maybe Dan from Little Men? Maybe you remember Corey Sevier from North Shore? Anyhow point is...he's just as fine as every and he's in there. Although I didn't know he was in there until it caught me by surprise. 

Now onto the positives. 1) The action. It was epic....the fights scenes in this movie where like something I've never seen before... OK well maybe they are like the fight scenes from 300 or Spartacus but if that is saying anything it will tell you how amazing they were. They slowed everything down at the right moment so you could catch just how intricate the fight scenes were and speed everything up when appropriate.

And the choreography on the fight scenes were awesome! They didn't seem to be too unrealistic but still to the point where you could tell Theseus has mastered the art of fighting.  

The effects and the sets were something out of this world taking is back to Greece in the 13th century with, of course, some interesting twist to catch our eyes and keep us amazed. 

The characters: Although there were few that were introduced by name (only the ones that were important) the characters did seem real, for fictional characters of course. But each had a background story that fit their personality and brought something to the movie. 

The gods: Like I previously mentioned there were not enough gods for my liking. I was hoping to be introduced to all of the Olympian gods but what gods they did produce they provided interesting and eye catching costumes for them. They had separate outfits for when they were in their god form, human form, and battle wear each created with in depth design that continued to live up to the idea of being 'out of this world.'

They also brought a more family oriented feeling to the gods, which is something that I am not use to but liked because as 'out of this world' as they were they still had relationships and family issues/feelings.

And now onto the stuff some boys don't want to hear and some girls are waiting for. The relationship and the men. 

For the boys: the fight scenes are awesome and with that comes some very excruciating, bloody, and emasculating moment. You heard that right....there will be some moments you just wince and other moments you roar "YES!!" and of course moments where you will probably whistle at the screen.

And of course the women are not too hard on the eyes. 

And for the girls: The men were beautiful. If the guys like the fight scene for the blood then you will be into it for their bodies and the way they move. The gods, of course, live up to their godly figure and are all beautiful with impeccable bodies and the humans are also not so bad. In fact they are pretty beautiful themselves. 

For further information watch the movie. I'm sure no one will be left disappointed.

Immortals Movie Website

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