Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review: Abandon by Meg Cabot

Title: Abandon
Author: Meg Cabot


He boyfriend has anger management issues...yes I love him.

Meg Cabot it sure to have another great series on her hands. 

This was a great read! I read it in two days and really like it. Can't say I loved it as the series isn't over and this book moved slow, basically just introducing everyone and getting all the background info to start the real adventure, which you do start to see forming in this novel.

Although I can't say I relate to her main character Pierce (as I've never died before and come back to life) I can still understand her and the feeling of being completely different. 

Cabot adds-in the supernatural approach, as she does with the majority of her series, and pulls it off well!

The book at first is a little slow but its still gripping. How? Cabot provides you with tidbits about a couple of "incidents" that have happened in Pierce's life that lead her to see John every time and only during those times. Basically you read the first 100 pages because you want to find out what they are when you do you you are hooked onto the character of John by then, and let me tell you....she definitely makes up for it.

For those of you who had read some of her other series the boy in this novel and the way she rights the encounters between him and Pierce leaving you wanting more. 
Only difference is John....he's a little different from Michael, Rob and Jesse. He's dangerous...and I like it.

Next in the Series:

Underworld-> Click to read my review

Awaken ETA: 2013

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  1. I read this book. I borrowed it from the library and then, I won it from Ms. Cabot. I was her 100,000 Facebook fan. I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Cabot's heroines. Most of them are those girls that pretend to be strong, but at the same time, they're weepy and breakable and fake. And a little crazy. I read Underworld too. It was WORSE. I gave this book three stars, for the potential, and Underworld two. It had some plot to it, but I hated how Pierce used John left and right. So, in comparison, Abandon seemed pretty good. But, thanks for the review!!!!! :)



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