Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review Crave by L.J Burns and Melinda Metz

Title: Crave
Authors: L. J Burns and Melinda Metz


Um...Hello Gabriel!

Wow this book hit me like a sack of bricks.

I loved it from the get go. I somehow managed to read the entire book (granted its not the largest book oh my shelf) in a day. 

I had never read anything about a terminally ill person because frankly I found it depressing, but for someone who is listed as terminally ill Shay sure knows how to kick some butt. Shay is a character not afraid of death but who refuses to live a half life and taking every chance possible to live a full/normal life.

Enter Gabriel and her life becomes everything but normal. It becomes super hot and complicated. 

The only bad thing? This is HALF of the story!!! Now I have to wait and see what happens with them when the second book finally comes out in September.

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Sacrifice (The second in the series.)

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