Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review: The Stolen by Liz Braswell and Celia Thomson

Title: The Stolen
Author: Liz Braswell as Celia Thomson
Series: The Nine Lives of Chloe King


Rrraaaoooowww...I can't decide between Bryan or Alyec.

Definitely better than the first one but i still found that there wasn't enough adventure for me. Not for something that is called the stolen. 

Although I find Chloe of be less of a brat in this one and more of a selfless leader like she's suppose to be i still haven't seen her really do anything. But i guess that all comes in due time and hopefully the last book I will get my fill.

I still haven't chosen between the cute, nice and caring Brian and the wild, rough, sexy and carefree Alyec. Why couldn't see put the two characters together and create one super awesome love of Chloe's life?

However, unless Chloe can get away from this whole 'curse' deal it looks like there will be more making our and heavy petting with Alyec. Not that i'm complaining.

Starting the third one in hopes that it wraps everything up and moves this book from a 3/5 to at least a 4/5 making it purchase worthy!

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