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Review: Sacrifice by Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns

Series: Crave
Author:  Melinda Metz and Laura J Burns
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 272
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Reason chosen:  I originally saw the first book Crave on someone’s have-read shelf and when I read it myself I loved it.

Gabriel and Shay are convinced that they can make their relationship work. Knowing that Shay is half-vampire, Gabriel thinks that his coven will embrace her as one of their own. But instead they view her as an abomination, a thing that doesn't belong in either world. And they want her dead. Now Gabriel must make the ultimate decision: watch his coven kill his beloved, or defy the people closest to him in order to save her.
The choice is as excruciating as reading about it is exhilarating….


I sat here trying to think of something to write and the only thing I could think of was the ending not that it finally came to and end but the action that occurred. The action happened all at the ending and I have to admit I did enjoy some of the ending
Shay’s Mom: Shay’s mom was the only other thing that I thought of as good in this novel. I viewed her perfectly, and her evolution from the first novel was one that I liked. At first I thought she was just delusional but I found her strong and determined in this sequel.

The novel was a grand disappointment. Perhaps my hopes were up too high because I love the first one but this one was not a book I enjoyed and I actually wanted to stop reading it at one point.
Shay and Gabriel: Their love for one another was very confusing in this novel…although I understand where Shay comes from when she gets mad at Gabriel I found it weird that she just flips a switch in the time of need, but really the time of need was earlier on in the novel and that caused her character to lose some respect points with me and then everything just seemed to drop from there.
Ernst: Like Shay this character seems to have almost a split personality in this novel, one minute very strong the next crying on the ground. I found that the evolution of this character and others in the novel was hard to find realistic even for a fiction supernatural novel.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):
Overall I felt like the author’s lost their story and just had no clue where their story was going. That’s not saying that their writing wasn’t well done and the story had potential. However, it felt like there was a great amount of repetition—Shay convincing herself that she didn’t love Gabriel and going over the reasons why multiple times—without any real events or important events actually happening in the novel. I guess its fair to say the same can be said for the first novel, but I felt that it being a sequel their should be more instead it felt like a short story dragged on too long and repeating the character’s thoughts on events too many times.
And finally: The characters didn’t feel like the same characters from the previous novel. And some characters I was actually disappointed in.

Viewer Type Recommendation:
If you loved the first one you would still want to read this to see how it ends.

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  1. That sucks!!! Mahor bummer!!! I haven't heard much about this one but the cover is really cute. I don't think I'll be picking this one up! Thanks for the honest review :)


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