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Review: Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

Personal Demons
Series: Persona Demons #1
Author: Lisa Desrochers
Publisher: Tor Teen
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
Source: Picked up at my locally owned book store


Reason chosen:  It was picked as my random read of the month!

Summary taken from Chapters/

Frannie Cavanaugh is a good Catholic girl with a bit of a wicked streak. She has spent years keeping everyone at a distance---even her closest friends---and it seems as if her senior year is going to be more of the same . . . until Luc Cain enrolls in her class. No one knows where he came from, but Frannie can't seem to stay away from him. 

What she doesn't know is that Luc is on a mission. He's been sent from Hell itself to claim Frannie's soul. It should be easy---all he has to do is get her to sin, and Luc is as tempting as they come. Frannie doesn't stand a chance. But he has to work fast, because if the infernals are after her, the celestials can't be far behind. And sure enough, it's not long before the angel Gabriel shows up, willing to do anything to keep Luc from getting what he came for. It isn't long before they find themselves fighting for more than just Frannie's soul.

But if Luc fails, there will be Hell to pay . . . for all of them.

Review:, the cover of the book should have given it away for me, and to be honest is sort of did. I found this book to be a little too harlequin romance. There seemed to be too much emotion and not enough story line if that is at all possible and makes sense in everyone’s eyes.  I have a feeling some people won’t understand as a lot of readers do read for the romance of the me, I sometimes do as well. I’m not saying that there isn’t a story line because there is, but I felt that these characters fell in love way too easily and quickly, and on top of that I’m not even sure if Frannie is 100% positive of who she choose. The two guys in the story have powers with the ability  to “fog” Frannie’s thoughts and emotions and the Frannie also have a power that leaves you wondering whether or not anyone actually choose to love the other. Confused? Great that’s sort of how I felt, and probably how Frannie feels. Then of course the author never really makes all the “rules” about Heaven and Hell, and demons and angels quite clear so I’m not really sure about what someone needs to do to be “tagged” either up or down, but it’s ok cause apparently they can break those rules too.
Although there is some stuff that leaves me confused and even some things that the writer touched on that I wasn’t too fond of there were still some good aspects of the novel and oddly enough I might actually  pick up the next two novels to find out how the series will end.

Luc aka Lucifer:  Obviously hot and the whole bad boy persona is sexy. Not to mention the great one liners that he pulls out from time to time. Then there is the confusion of all the new feelings he gets. You do sigh with happiness when you realize that he loves her.
Gabe aka Gabriel: Although he is not in the novel as much as Luc you still get the sex appeal from him. On top of that...who thought that angels could be so snarky, sarcastic, and well...bad?
Frannie: She takes martial arts and can actually hold up her own. Nice

Love triangle: Frannie’s confused, Luc’s confused, Gabe’s probably confused, I’m confused. Its confusing.
Pheromones: In this novel all emotions have a scent=pheromones; however, they apparently have distinctive scents to Luc such as chocolate and ginger. And even to Frannie who likes Luc’s cinnamon smell. That was all a little weird, especially when they get mentioned every other sentence for the first 2/3s of the book.
Religious Politics: Desrochers has tip-toed onto a very fine line while reading this. Yes, many authors do write about Heaven and Hell and their minions but she started talking about God and hating God, or not believing in God and Frannie has a self-conflict throughout the entire novel about whether or not she actually believes in God, and it was pretty intense. I don’t know, but for people who aren’t religious, and maybe even those who are, she could almost offend them or get very close to doing so.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):
Overall I rated the book a 3/5 because I want to finish the story. I want to know how Frannie chooses, who she chooses and I sort of want all the confusing things about the novel to get straightened out that’s the only reason, otherwise it would have been lower. But, I can’t say I’m rushing to my shelf to pick up the next one, on the contrary I think I will leave the series alone for a while and come back to it later. I just found her writing style a little confusing, but more I found her over use of emotions (which seems more like lust and pheromones to me) too much, and when she through in the religious politics I actually found myself frowning.—And here’s the kicker: I’m probably arguing this like an non-religious person when in fact I’m actually catholic. Go figure, but I guess I just like to separate  things and as much as I don’t like people pushing their beliefs on me I don’t push mine on them and I felt like Desrochers was pushing Catholicism/Christianity onto people, and it just didn’t fell right.  I picked this up expecting something along the lines of all the other paranormal young adult fiction and instead I got sometimes unexpected.
In the beginning I also found the fact that every time Frannie referred to Luc and Luc referred to anyone it was with a sinister undertone that screamed evil kind of funny. For example: He was given locker 666. His first class was in room 616 in building 6. Frannie refers to Luc as Hotter than hell and refers to Gabe as beautiful and angelic. Also whenever Frannie is thinking or speaking about or to Luc she always uses Hell or hot and when thinking about or speaking to Gabe she always uses holy. Oh and the school is called Haden High aka Hades High. I found it kind of funny, after a while it  got a little tiring but eventually when the lines became blurred with Luc, Frannie and Gabe she stopped using them
Overall it was ok. I’m probably going to finish the series eventually but I don’t think it will be a series I re-read or rush to get the next book when it comes out.

“I walk up right behind Frannie, where she’s sitting near the door, in time to hear her say, ‘You know what, Tay? Go to Hell,’ and I smile, because I think it’s cute that she’s inviting her friends along.”

“’Whoa! I knew you were hot, but Jesus!’ she says, and I wonder why she things He has anything to do with it.”
“There’s no crying in baseball and no love in Hell. It’s just the rules.”

“She gets to the bottom of the stairs, and I lift her off the ground and kiss her. As I lower her back to her feet she says, ‘Mmm, nice. That’s gonna score you some points with the parents.’ I look into the stands and see her parents standing there, slack-jawed, Dad with a camera perched, forgotten, in his hand. And Grandpa is laughing. ‘So what’s the plan?’ ‘I’m working on it. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include molesting me in front of them.’”

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If you’re not afraid of some religious politics and even sometimes favour a Harlequin Romance this just might be for you

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