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Review: Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade

Queen of the Dead
Series:  The Ghost and the Goth #2
Author:  Stacey Kade
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Pages:  266
Format:  ebook
Source:  Purchased


Reason chosen:  

The first was chosen through my Random Reads of the Month and I really loved the first one

Summary taken from Chapters/

After being sent back from the light, Alona Dare - former homecoming queen, current Queen of the Dead - finds herself doing something she never expected: working. Instead of spending days perfecting her tan by the pool (her typical summer routine when she was, you know alive), Alona must now cater to the needs of other lost spirits. By her side for all of this -ugh- "helping of others" is Will Killian: social outcast, seer of the dead, and someone Alona cares about more than she’d like.
Before Alona can make a final ruling on Will's "friend" or "more" status, though, she discovers trouble at home. Her mom is tossing out Alona's most valuable possessions, and her dad is expecting a new daughter with his wicked wife. Is it possible her family is already moving on? Hello! She's only been dead for two months! Thankfully, Alona knows just the guy who can put a stop to this mess.
Unfortunately for Alona, Will has other stuff on his mind, and Mina, a young (and beautiful) seer, is at the top of the list. She's the first ghost-talker Will's ever met aside from his father and she may hold answers to Will's troubled past. But can she be trusted? Alona immediately puts a check mark in the "clearly not" column. But Will is -ahem -willing to find out, even if it means leaving a hurt and angry Alona to her own devices, which is never a good idea.
Packed with romance, lovable characters, and a killer cliff hanger, Queen of the Dead is the out-of-this-world sequel to The Ghost and the Goth.


I loved the first one and I loved the second one in the series! This is Alona and Will’s big fight and Alona makes one hell of a mistake. It completely changes the game. We come back from a happy Will and Alona making out on the bench at school to happy Alona and Will making out behind the buses waiting for one lovely ghost to appear. Ahh...all is hot and heavy and just down right lovely in their world. Until someone who has the same (ish) abilities as Will comes along. And who can blame Will for wanting to find out about his past? Apparently Alona can. And the who can blame Alona for wanting to disrupt her family’s lives?....ahhhh.....right. Well when two people (technically one Ghost and one Ghost-Talker) don’t see eye to eye the whole world gets toppled upside down. And I love it. Its an awesome read that you get sucked into and although sometimes you want to slap Will for being such a man, and Alona for being such a...well, Alona you can’t help but laughing, smiling and just wanting more. And there are just all the questions that you ask “What is going on????”—in a good way of course. It leaves you wanting more and just wanting to know what makes Alona, Will and Lilly for that matter so special that all this stuff keep happening. Ou...I can’t wait for the next one in this series.


Alona—determined. She is one stubborn girl and sometimes it just ends up helping her out
Will—he knows how to hide sexy. And he knows to think before he speaks, especially when he thinks to himself about what he should say to Alona to not say the wrong answer lol. Love it


The only thing was that I found for a novel of 266 pages not a lot happened. I felt like a lot was revealed but only one event took place this whole time. Crazy enough it didn’t leave me bored or anything when I was readying it I just happened to have glanced down and though “Man! I’m like 80% done this book. There is not enough in it!” I guess I just wanted more, more, more.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall I love Stacey Kade’s writing style. I never get confused and I have some serious respect for the writer’s who can bring across the dry humour perfectly and she is one of them. I love her characters, and they are something that sets her apart from other writers as although the characters have sort of formed a relationship (its undefined by them) they haven’t changed. They are not the sappy lovey dovey ones. Don’t get me wrong the obviously care about each other, but Alona is still working on her selfish issues, she brass, bold, and stubborn, and Will, well he’s Will. I love it, they still clash and it seems that is what they like about each other.


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