Friday, 25 May 2012

Spreading the Word!

As many of you probably have already noticed I can't stop talking about Storm (click for review) by Brigid Kemmerer and how fantastic it was. And of course not to mention how excited I am for Spark (click for review) to come out this August! 

But, I've realized that although I've been spreading the word, I haven't been spreading it to the right degree. 

So there are some things that I want to spread that will hopefully get everyone interested in Storm and the Elemental series, if not more interested. Whether its picking up a copy of it or maybe even winning one make sure you check out the links I'm about to list.

Well to start things off my review of Storm by Brigid Kemmerer has been getting some seriously positive feedback from not only the writer herself, who said it made her day, but from others as well.

Check out the Facebook page of The Elementalists who posted a link to my review and my favourite quotes from Storm onto their page. Let's make those 'likes' increase on the page because trust me this series and author really deserve it!

Then of course there is Brigid Kemmerer herself! Check out her Facebook page to get all the latest details about the series and links to giveaways! And don't forget about her website:

Now, here comes some of the good stuff. 

Kensington Publishing Corp is hosting a giveaway of Storm along with an iPod shuffle and a $25 iTunes gift card. 

Check it out by clicking here.
You have to like the publishing group to be able to enter!

Most recent I've posted a link to a teaser of Spark, which you can still view here

But, just today Brigid posted something pretty awesome!

Click here to enter to win an ARC copy of Spark!

That's all that I have right now, but make sure you check out the series and some of these links. You won't regret it!



  1. I really hope to discover this series soon as i have added Storm to my wishlist ( after failing a constest for the series all books so far ç_ç)

    Thanks you for these link unfortunatley i will have to wait for others opportunity because i don't have facebook

    1. You can always check out Sometimes when you click on the book there might be contest listed. But good luck!

    2. i know i don't count how many times i've tried^^ but often i can't enter because it's only US or only US and canada
      Even if takes time i will have it



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