Friday, 11 May 2012

Quotes- Body and Soul

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read
#3: Body & Soul By Stacey Kade. Click here to read my review.

Please note that some of the quotes may lead your mine to wander and stumble upon some spoilers.

1. “At least Madame Selena had her own building…about sixteen inches from the edge of the highway, but still. And she had a turban. Say what you will, but it certainly added an air of mystery to her, like what, exactly, she was hiding under it.”

2. “I know who you are, no matter what you look like,” he said quietly, surprising me.

3. “It’s called a near-death experience. You should try it sometime,” I said sweetly. “Maybe without the ‘near’.”

4. My mouth fell open, and I swear, I got chills. He’d actually done it. He’d told his mom no. Somewhere along the line, Will Killian had grown a mother-proof spine.

5. “My shirt is gray,” I pointed out. “You’ve expanded my fashion horizons dramatically. I wear three colours now.”

6. “Just thinking.” “Why start now?”


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