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Quotes- Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read: 
 #1: Storm by Brigid Kemmerer. Click the title to view my review!

As always please note that some maybe lead you to spoilers!

1. “You're probably thinking I owe you my life."
"No." she snapped.
"Just sixty bucks."
"You charge for the hero act?”

2. He half rose from his seat and reached across another student’s desk to drop the mangled paper clip in front oh Tommy.
“Look, dude,” he said, his voice low and earnest. “You want to ask me out, you man up and do it proper.”

3. “Look. Chris.” She dropped onto the bench again and gripped the edge of the table. “I’m not going to sleep with you,” she whispered fiercely, feeling her cheeks flush. “I’m not going to mess around with you under the bleachers. I don’t give hand jobs in the men’s room, or—“
“Wow. You like to get all this out of the way up front, huh?”

4. “Casper, she said someone has to hold your leash.”
The dog barked.
Then he dipped his head, picked up the end of the leash in his mouth, and trotted after his master.

5. “Hey, little brother.” Gabriel came back through the door and flopped on the bed, drawing his legs up to sit against the wall. “Girls are more likely to stay if you don’t fight with them.”

6. “If you want me to fix your homework, you need to leave me alone.” Then he spotted her. “You’re back.”
“Yeah.” She glanced between him and Gabriel. “You do his homework?”
“Just the math. It’s a miracle he can count to ten.”
“I can count to one.” Gabriel gave him the finger.

7. “So she doesn’t like the rain,” said Gabriel.
Nick smiled. “I kind of like the irony.”…
Chris sighed. “No one likes the rain.”
“You do,” said Nick. He flung the lighter back to his brother. Gabriel caught it. “Maybe we should put some money on it, see how long it takes Chris to get her wet.”

8. Nick smiled. “I kind of like the irony.”
“Jesus, you are such a nerd.” Gabriel flung the lighter at him.
“Stop using big words.”
“Five letters is a big word?”

9. “So let me get this straight.”... “He threw the note at Tommy and then told him to fuck off? Or do I have it backwards?”
“I’m detecting some sarcasm.”
“And then got himself sent the principal’s office because he was ready to defend your honor?”
“Her friend waved a hand. “No, I think you might be on to something. This is clearly an elaborate plot to screw with you. He asks you out, he defends you from that meathead—what next?” Quinn’s eyes flashed wide in mock surprise. “Crap, Bex, do you think he will do something truly horrible like buy you flowers?”

10. “She spilled your secrets,” said Quinn
“Yeah?” He sliced off s piece of chicken and glanced across the table. “What’s my name Becca?”
Busted. Becca wanted to melt into a puddle.
Quinn grinned. “You mean it’s not really New Kid?”

11. “So…why is your brother mean to girls?”
“Because,” said Michael from the doorway, “I have three younger brothers who think it’s hilarious to parade jailbait through here on a daily basis.”
His tone was enough to make her glad she’d worn the pullover into the house. “No one told me there was a parade,” she said acidly. “And here I forgot my banner.”

12. To whom it may concern: I’m not involved. Honest. Hugs, Becca

13. “So Chris hit him?” said Quinn, when they were getting close to the bleachers. “Jesus, I love when guys fight.”
“Yeah, it was great,” Becca returned flatly. “I should have made popcorn.”
“Seriously. When they’re all slow and tentative and circling, and then ka-pow, they just explode with power. It’s totally sexy.” …
Quinn grabbed her arm and dragged Becca along. “Come on. If they’re jerks, I’ll punch them.”
“Great,” said Becca. “It’ll be totally sexy.”

14. She hit him. Hard. Right in the face…
“Holy shit,” said Quinn. “Would it be wrong if I applaud?”

15. “I shouldn’t have hit him.” She flexed her fingers. “My hand still hurts.”
Chris smiled. “Oh, no, I loved that part.”

16. “Nick,” he said. “I think I’m going to need you to bite my arm.”
“I think I’m going to need you to run that by me again.”

Trust me this was cutting it down a bit. There were so many funny quotes in the book this is as far as I could cut back.


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