Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Big Mistake

Well, I really managed to screw something up royally.

A couple of weeks ago there were a lot of posts flying around about plagirism and I thought nothing of it. 

Well for the first time in my life, since about grade 5, I've realized that I plagiarized. And its shameful that it was brought to my attention by the person who's work I stole.

And you have no idea how crappy I feel.

When I started this blog in November of 2011 I surfed through many other blogs gathering ideas and looking for ways to set things up. 

I got my design and my tabs set up and also all my blog content. 

Well I had no idea about what should be put on a blog. I had no idea what people looked for when surfing a blog and when I realized that my word would be out there I thought I had to get serious. 

So before I launched I got my policy and request page set up by copying another persons' policy and request page and added/changed minor things that I thought or right away. I took their information and used it as a starting point and began to write my own in a word document. But, the things is I forgot to replace the information and instead launched my site with someone else's work on it, and I did not give credit to them.

Forgetfulness is not an excuse. I should have been extremely thorough going over everything before I launched, and now I've managed to hurt an individual that did nothing but sit back take a couple of hours and write their own information for their blog. They same person that I admire and whom's blog was one of the first that I ever started following. Its like letting down your hero or something.

And what is worse is that the words have been sitting there acting like I wrote them on my policy and request page for close to eight months.

That is just shameful. 

You may notice that the page has come down until I can find my own original information I wrote that is somewhere in my vast majorities of USB drives. 

I apologize to the individual who's work I stole. I apologize for any harm I may have caused, any feelings I may have brought up, and in general I just apologize for my irresponsible behaviour. 

And I do apologize to my followers for not being up to the standard that are set and expected from every blogger. 

If this occurrence has lowered your respect for me or your expectations then again I apologize. But I felt I needed to be true and honest with everyone and believed that the best way would be to post it instead of hiding behind my mistake.

To all bloggers out there: please be thorough and please be respectful of other people's works, just as you expect them to be of yours.

To all the review and blog followers out there: report something that you believe to be plagiarism and don't be afraid to hold people up to the standards that are expected. 

Stealing is stealing no matter what. If you want to run a blog, if I want to run a blog, then you, and I, need to put our own work and time into it.



  1. Its nice to see you admit your mistake, its difficult to come up with content, especially at the start. This doesn't give you free reign to steal other people's content, but it looks like you realize your mistake. You are trying to make it right. It takes guts to post about it.

    I admire your courage and sure hope you learned your lesson.

  2. This isn't meant as an insult, but I think my respect for you shot up, since you've admitted that. I remember the stint with The Story Siren, and I lost all respect for her because she handled the after-situation poorly. But you are clear and made your point. I abhor plagirism and can't believe people do this (heck, I'm in high school, and we hear about plagirism nonstop, and NO ONE in my school plagirizes like what I've seen around the blogosphere). Thank you for your honesty. I, as an indifvidual, would have never notcied. So, I appreciate this. Again, I respect you even more now. Thank you.

    Alyssa Susanna



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