Friday, 22 June 2012

My Not So Vacant Shelf has a new look

Well for the past couple of weeks I've been a little behind on my blogging and there was a very good reason for it. 

As some of you might know blogging is a competitive bobbie...I know sounds weird. But, if you really want to get your words out there you have be able to snag new followers and catch the attention of writers and publishing companies. 

So I was looking around and I saw that many blogs that had great graphics and so many other blogs that offer graphic design services. 

Then...I looked at the prices. You have to remember I am not being compensated for my reviews. Not one bit, and I'm a student to boot so moulah is tight.

And then I had another brilliant idea.

If this is going to be my blog. Then this is going to be MY blog.

And I busted out my old artistic talent (which I was happy to see was still around) and I created my own graphics.

Now, I'm not done. I still have to learn my way around blogger to get it to where I would like, however, I think I am pretty proud of myself. 

Anyhow here is old pics:

Old header and background.

Old grab button, which I am still keeping

And here is the new stuff that I designed and created personally.

New header and background. The background is not my favourite but I haven't found anything that I 100% like yet.

New grab button

And new Facebook profile pic!

So what do you guys think? Any ideas on improvements?


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