Saturday, 2 June 2012

Quotes- Alien in the Family

 Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read: 

 #3: Alien in the Family by Gini Kock. ->Click title for review

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As always be forewarned about spoilers! 

1. “Psychos and megalomaniacs are my forte, remember? They all wanna hang with me”

2. “You know, things you did and do to make sure you and Mom have such a great marriage?” “Oh! I gave that advice to Jeff already. Applies to him more than you.” “Share with my anyway.” Dad shrugged. “I told him that he just needed to remember three things. First, he doesn’t run your life, and after today, he won’t run his life, either. Second, in any argument, there is your wife’s side and then there is enemy camp; never choose enemy camp in an attempt to be reasonable, because it never works. And, third, to remember that a happy wife is a happy life.”

3. “The U.S. was the immigration country of choice even for alien jellyfish things that turned humans into scary monsters. It made you proud, really.”

4. “I was moving from worried to scared, and I could see terrified waving at me from just around the next bend in the road.”


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