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Review: Wild Irish by Jennifer Saints

Wild Irish
Series: Weldon #1
Author:  Jennifer Saints
Publisher: Between Your Sheets Publishing
Pages: 232
Format: ebook
Source: Purchased
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Reason chosen:  

Someone recommended this to me a long time ago so I decided to read it while in my romance phase.

Summary taken from Goodreads.com:

Twelve years ago wrong side of the tracks bad boy, Jesse Weldon, was framed for a crime he didn't commit by the blue-blooded Jordan family. Now he's back in Savannah with his highly successful security company to put the Weldon name on the right side of the tracks. Unfortunately, before he can even make a move in that direction, he runs into Alexandria Jordan and ends up making the same mistake he did before. He succumbs to her allure, but this time, he plans on getting her out of his system for good and walking away.

Except for a few wild moments with Jesse at seventeen, Alexi Jordan has followed the life expected of her. But a Wedding Day betrayal from her blue-blooded fiancé has her running from her life and right into the arms of the man she'd never forgotten, Jesse. Yet as she forges a new future for herself amid the scandal of her aborted wedding, Alexi finds herself the target of a twisted killer and both her and Jesse's days are now numbered.


Well this book was definitely not for youngsters. No there is some serious hotness in here. Jesse Weldon….he’s a hot man who knows what he wants (sort of) and takes advantage of every situation. But again I fell into a book that was masked with sex and held only a little but of a story. Don’t get me wrong there is story behind this novel, once you get around all the heat. However I did like that there was background story and there were a lot of characters instead of just focusing on Jesse and Alexi. The Weldon family is one that I wouldn’t mind being a part of and I guess neither would Alexi.


Jesse: Hot. Security and ex-military.

Jackson: Jesse’s older hot and broken brother.

Jared and James: Jesse’s younger twin brothers, tricksters but Hotties. They know how to push Jesse to make him see what he is really missing.


Alexi: Although she tries to act strong, which I have to give her credit for, she falls into the typical female plot in romances. She needs a hero and she falls in love.

Jesse: Also falls into the typical make plot. Refuses to believe in love. Blah blah blah.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall there storyline was decent but clouded with sex and heat. Which was ok…obviously but I guess I wished for a little build up to it all and a little more story line.



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Viewer Type Recommendation:

Love of Romance and Southern men.

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