Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My week. Its been rough.

Well well well. 

This week has been a busy week for me, let me tell ya.

I got a new phone. It rocks. However, I haven't had data on my phone for over 3 years because I couldn't afford it when I started University. But, I actually didn't plan on getting a data phone. Here is the story:

I have an older phone(ish) and it started to really irritate me. Its a touch screen and I would go to my messages and lets say I would touch my friend Lacey to send her a text and it would bring up our entire conversation history (like touch phones do), but my phone was glitchy and MANY MANY MANY times instead of pulling up Lacey's and mine's conversation history it would pull about someone else's and I would shoot off a text to the wrong person.

You have no idea how many times, especially recently, that I had to send a "oops. wrong person" message. It finally started to get on my nerves. So I noticed that a new phone was being released and its labelled a "Smartphone lite" which means it doesn't have as much technology that goes into some of the other phones like a Samsung Galaxy S II, iPhone 4, HTC Raider, and so on (these are Canadian names so sorry if I'm confusing everyone else). And it was listed as $0.00.

In my mind: "Hells yeah!"

So I go to the store and they informed me that even though its a smartphone lite and doesn't require data that is how much the phone is with data. Without=$149.99

In my mind: "Hell no."

Now I thought "Well that is just dumb. If you're going to list it as a phone that does not require data and does not have as much technology then provide the pricing for it without data." Yeah, don't let those companies out there fool you.

Anyhow I went home and did some research and I decided that I really did need a new phone and the month fee would be a $20.00 increase, but life was going somewhat good (i.e decent job while in school) so I could swing it. But, then I got a little excited and giddy and I realized if I'm going to get data for three years, then I'm gonna get me a sweet phone. 

So, now I have the Samsung Galaxy S II, which aside from the iPhone and the newer Galaxy S III, is the best phone out there and was $49.99.

I love it! It is my baby. 

And I've registered my gmail account to be able to do stuff for the blog from my phone. 

Well here is where my stupidity comes in, and I should let you know that I do work for said Cellular phone company, just in back offices so I know about the phones, how to use them, and about plans (just apparently not about pricing with or without data).

When you registered your blogger g-mail address on an Android phone it loads all the graphics from your blog on your phone. I shouldn't say load, but it connects with the picasa account that blogger uses, and they appear in your picture gallery. Well I was like "I don't want that crap in here." and deleted them.

Well it connected with Picasa and I was rewarded with pages on my blog (and I mean every page) looking like this:

Imagine that for every single picture/graphic that was on my blog. All 180+ posts with multiple pictures. 

I was sitting in the corner of my room crying while rocking back and forth slowly (just kidding, sort of).

So I painstakingly went through and replaced every single graphic. Thankfully I'm a freak who saves all graphics on my laptop. Yaye...for once having OCD pays off. I'm not 100% done replacing them. I'm well over half and have finished all the recent stuff, now I'm just tackling the older posts. 

Anyhow a big warning to anyone out there that blogs AND has an android. DON'T DELETE THOSE PICS THAT HAVE FOUND THEIR WAY FROM YOUR BLOG ONTO YOUR PHONE.

I've slowed down a bit and got back to some reading finally. So everything should be back to normal very soon.

Happy readings to everyone!



  1. I know what you about those companies trying to fool others. Last week my mom wanted to get me the Samsung flash and I looked up information on it. I realized they were going to charge a lot of money even after they advertised it at a low price. In the end I told my mom not to buy it. Instead I told her I would get a new phone once I found something that I would like.

  2. Oh my gosh, I cringed just reading that. You poor thing! I would probably just curl up into a ball and cry if that happened lol (I have more than 300 posts, some with more than one picture). Yet again, OCD pays off! Congrats on the phone as well :)

  3. Sometimes, I just hate confusing technology!

  4. H... I have an android phone. And it's connected to my google account - the same I use with my blog.
    I never saw pictures from my blog on my phone o__o



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