Monday, 30 July 2012

Quotes- Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read: Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost. (Click title for review)

As always there may be some spoilers in here.

1. “That one tickled. If electrocution is your way of flirting, I commend you on your originality.”

2. “Two Leilas seemed to be battling it out inside me. The first was outraged that he still considered it a fait accompli that I'd give in to him, and the second...that slutty bitch was wondering what Vlad looked like naked.

3. “No, I do my torturing in the dungeon like any other respectable castle owner,”

4. “I stretched out my hands as if to ward him off. “Not yet. I want to know what your end game is first.”
Another flash of teeth, this time showing his fangs.
“To have you screaming my name within the hour.”

5. “Don’t. I’m all sweaty and bloody,” I protested.
“Heavens, not sweat and blood,” he replied mockingly. I managed to smile. Smartass vampire.

6. “If I didn’t want you so much,” he said in a deadly purr, “I’d let you keep fucking me with your gaze, but you make me impatient.”

7. “It must be important or he wouldn’t dare disturb me now,” he muttered. Then he drew away to look at me. “If it’s not, I’ll kill him and return to you directly.”

8. “Don’t take your hands off me even once tonight.” (Vlad)


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