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Review: Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Series:  Shifters #2
Author:  Rachel Vincent
Publisher: Mira Books
Pages: 394
Format: paperback
Source: purchased


Reason chosen:  

I loved the first one and couldn’t wait to start reading this one

Summary taken from Chapters/Indigo.ca:

Okay, so cats don't always land on their feet.

I know that better than most. Since rejoining the Pride, I've made big decisions and even bigger mistakes: the kind paid for with innocent lives. As the first and only female enforcer, I have plenty to prove to my father, the Pride, and myself. And with murdered toms turning up in our territory, I'm working harder than ever, though I always find the energy for a little after-hours recreation with Marc, my partner both on- and off-duty.

But not all of my mistakes are behind me. We're beginning to suspect that the dead are connected to a rash of missing human women and that they can all be laid at my feet--two or four, take your pick. And one horrible indiscretion may yet cost me more than I can bear...


Did I ever cry! I’m pretty sure I looked like a fool sitting on my bed crying so bad my make-up was running down my face, and then minutes later laughing. Cause that is what this book will do to you, make you hysterical and provide emotional whip-lash. Usually after a fantastic first book comes out the next ones are never just as good. This one was just as good. Faythe rocks my socks off. Marc is a sexy beast (ou….quite literally) and the adventure that the whole pride takes is like an addiction that I just couldn’t put down. I kept freaking out when she was freaking out and yelling “It’s not fair! She’s just trying to be good, and do the right thing! She’s just trying to prove herself!” I must have looked like an idiot. But, that is just how good on a writer Rachel Vincent is. She doesn’t just show you the adventure she takes you along for the ride. I am so thankful that I didn’t start reading the series until after all the books were released because I think I would have gone insane waiting for the next book to come out. INSANE I TELL YOU. God, I love this series.


Fathye: A true female inspiration. The kind of girl who isn’t afraid to use her fist when she really needs to, and definitely knows how to keep a grudge.

Marc: the sexiest beast I’ve ever heard about. The kind of guy who wants to win so bad he throw his girlfriend across the room into another man’s lap to distract them both while he runs from the room to get a head start. The kind of guy who knows how to use his good looks as a weapon to get what he wants. Damn, he’s just sexy.

Sanders family: The whole friggin family is awesome. Up tight Michael, Cowboy Owen, laid back Ethan, and even dumb Ryan. But, you have to give it up to their pops, he can be one intimidating person, and their mom may bake cookies but don’t mess with her babies.


Nothing that I could think of.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall I absolutely loved this book. I was captured by the action from the first couple of pages. Rachel Vincent knows how to write humour, serious topics, adventure, drama. She basically can create a world that we can believe to be real….well at least to the point where we cry for her characters. The story line was new and interesting and best of all it was the kind of book where I could make a prediction and I was completely wrong. Trust me that is something that doesn’t happen very often, so when it does the book becomes a keeper. And that is exactly what this series I leading up to be: A Keeper.


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Viewer Type Recommendation:

For the lovers of independent and kick-butt girls, who like a little supernatural mixed in and doesn’t mind shedding a tear, this is the book for you.

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  1. Great review :). Makes me wanna read it right now. I love shapeshifters novels.

  2. Loved the Rachel Vincent Shifter books. I think Faythe is a real kick butt strong female character!

  3. I am commenting for the 300 Followers giveaway. My name in the giveaway is Marie and my email is sweetmarie915@aol.com.

    What a thorough review! Unlike other reviewers, your are very in-depth and give the reader a good look at the book. Seems like a cool read, I might check it out.



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