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Review: Stray by Rachel Vincent

Series:  Shifters #1
Author:  Rachel Vincent
Publisher: Mira Books
Pages:  618
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased


Reason chosen:

I was going through my books looking for a series to read and when I came across this series I checked goodreads and saw that the rating had an average of 4/5+. So I snatched it up. So glad I did.

Summary taken from Chapters/

I look like an all-American grad student. But I am a werecat, a shape-shifter, and I live in two worlds.
Despite reservations from my family and my Pride, I escaped the pressure to continue my species and carved out a normal life for myself. Until the night a Stray attacked.
I'd been warned about Strays--werecats without a Pride--constantly on the lookout for someone like me: attractive, female and fertile. I fought him off, but then learned two of my fellow tabbies had disappeared.
This brush with danger was all my Pride needed to summon me back...for my own protection. Yeah, right. But I'm no meek kitty. I'll take on whatever--and whoever--I have to in order to find my friends. Watch out, Strays--'cause I got claws, and I'm not afraid to use them....


This book is awesome, and I cannot wait to start reading the other books in the series. Faythe is the kind of girl that all girls should look up to. She denies being held back by men and for a man and instead walks her own path to discover the life that she truly wants not being under the thumb of anyone else’s rule. Add in the fact that she is a supernatural create, and a rare female one at that and you have a very awesome book. Now lets put a cherry on top by adding that back home she has a guy that was ready to marry her and still loves her and she manages to give her those sexy little smirk, oh and another guy who sure knows how to smooth talk and girl and flirt who is also vying for her attention. Lets add in some over protective brothers that she is not afraid to get into a physical fight with, and then an all-powerful father and your have a recipe for greatness. The novel encompasses the supernatural with a young woman who can defend herself and is searching for her self while attempting to be independent, and creates a world that all readers want to be invited to. It has messed up families, close families, ex-boyfriends, old friends that want to be friendly and a girl who feels like she has the future of an entire pack sitting on her shoulders. And the dry sarcastic humour that the author brings out of the pages, mixed with some seriously dark events makes this book one that will be sitting on my top shelf and makes me eager to jump to the rest. Thank God I picked now to start reading the series, all books are out and accounted for ready for me to read them.


Faythe: Any girl who says hello to her ex by kicking him square in the stomach and knocking him to the ground is ok in my book.

Marc: He’s jealous. He loves her. He is willing to throw a table through a wall for her. He’s got a devilish smirk, and a wink that makes this chick swoon (and I’ve only every read about it). Man I love this guy.

Jace: You smooth talking flirt you. You can pick me up in a bar with your cheesy opening line anytime. You sexy boy. And you’re pretty determined. I like it.


Faythe: She does some seriously stuff ass-hat stuff. You don’t really recognize it, but she does make some morally wrong things. However, that can’t necessarily go against the book because it makes her character and is apart of the story lines. It’s bring something to the table that makes this book quite good.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall I loved it. I could picture Faythe doing her victory dance (finger point and all) in the middle of a serious situation, I could see Marc running down the hallways asking where the hell is everybody because he wants a witness to something Faythe said. I can see the smirks, the stern faces, and I could understand the feelings. I have some mad love for the characters that were created in this story. I love the independent and determined Faythe who is willing to sacrifice her well being for others. I love the world that Rachel Vincent created and the story line was one that did make me sit back and cry out in shock. There were twists, there were moments that were predictable, there were moments that made you wish you could shake the fictional characters hands, and moments that you wish you could slap them yelling “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”. Overall the book was so enjoyable I managed to somehow read 618 pages in under 48 hours while going to work. Awesome. Just awesome.


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If you love a girl who really knows how to kick butt and like a little supernatural mixed in, then pick this up.

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  1. I really enjoyed this series, if you liked this series have you read the Women Of the Otherworld by Kelley , and The Holloway Pack Series by J.A. Belfield

  2. I just added J.A Belfield series to my to-be-read list, and I already have the Kelley Armstrong series in there. Thanks for the recommendation!



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