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Review: Werewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Werewolf in Seatlle
Series:  Wild About You #3
Author:  Vicki Lewis Thompson
Publisher: Penguin Grou[
Pages:  336
Format: ebook
Source: purchased


Reason chosen:

I really took to the series from book one.

Summary taken from Chapters/

The last thing Colin McDowell wants is to inherit his Aunt Geraldine's mansion in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. As the pack leader of the Trevelyans in Scotland, he had little time to travel halfway around the world to take care of his inheritance.
But the trip takes a pleasant turn when he meets Luna Reynaud, the young secretary his aunt hired shortly before she died. He isn't sure which surprises him more-Luna's clever plan for turning the mansion into a resort of the fact that she's drop-dead gorgeous. Both intrigue him-until he learns that Luna is only a half-breed. There's no way a pack leader can mate with a woman who's partly human...or is there?


Well when you throw in a good Irish accent and make the man a werewolf I think my heart thumps a little faster. I am a werewolf girl. I’ve come to realize and accept this and the third book in the series introduces us to two weres falling in love with each other, but Colin is a little bit prejudice and Luna has been hiding her entire life. So they make for a different couple. At first it didn’t seem that Colin was really into Luna, but of course his true colours show later on. And for a girl like Luna, who has been hiding all her life, she sure knows how to loosen up. I loved the characters. Thompson is very good at creating strong independent women, but for some reason they always take a step on the dependent side near the end. They always change their lives for the men in them. Sometimes this upsets me, but sometimes its seems to fit the characters and circumstances. Although the ending was a little bit awkward, and the bad guy in this story didn’t feel so “bad” more “sad” I still enjoyed the characters and the story. I will be definitely keeping up with this series.


Luna: Independent, organized, cherishes what she has, and isn’t fooling herself with what may be, instead she sticks to her guns and making it all happen.
Colin: Irish Brogue who happens to he a werewolf? Yes, please. Add a sentimental side to him and you have yourself a winner.


The plot was a little weak. I expected a “badder” bad guy. The ending of the story was also awkward, but considering I kept asking myself how they were going to do it in the end it seems to fit things well enough.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Awkward in some placed, but good overall. The story lines was will plotted and the characters all had their own personalities making each character one whom you would remember. The writing was well-done although I will admit that sometimes I did have to re-read things to make sure I was understanding them correctly.


“Cool is Dulcie. He’s thirty-two, so he’s young enough to be your kid.” “Just barely! I may be a wolf, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ne a cougar, too.”

“You’re a devil. You do know that, right?” “Me?” She batted her eyelashes at him. “I simply wanted to make sure the benches would be the right height and the jets were positioned well. And we needed a demonstration of the pulsing action. That’s very important.”

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  1. Sounds interesting. I would have to read an excerpt to see if it is something that I want to read. Though, like you, I am a werewolf girl! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)



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