Friday, 31 August 2012

Quotes! Something About You by Julie James

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read Something About You by Julie James.

As always be forewarned about potential spoilers.

1. “Do you just line them up, waiting to yell at me, on the off chance I’ll stop by?”

2. “You don’t touch the purse. The purse is sacrosanct.”

3. “She’s out like a light,” Wilkins told him
“So do something about it.” Wilkins peered into the rearview mirror.
“Yoo-hoo, Cameron—“
“Yoo-hoo? That’s really FBI-ish.”

4. “He at least took his CDs. I mean, we might be gay, but…Enya? Really?”

5. “Seriously, Jack, I think you might be the only guy in this city who hasn’t read his stuff. Collin McCann is like the Carrie Bradshaw of Chicago men.”
“You mean Terry Bradshaw,” Jack corrected.
“No, Carrie,” Wilkins repeated. “You know, Sarah Jessica Parker. Sex and the City.”
A silence fell over the room as Collin and Jack stared at Wilkins, seriously fearing for the fate of men.

6. “That has to be the worst apology I’ve ever heard.”
“I’ve had a chance to think things through. Seeing how I was only about thirty percent at fault here, you get thirty percent of an apology.”

7. Jack took his eyes off the road and looked her over. “In all my years with the army and the FBI, there’s only been on person I’ve ever had any problem controlling myself around.”
She smiled at that, but said nothing. She reclined in the seat, crossing one naughty-booted leg over the other, in his direction. Jack fought hard against the images of her straddling him that assaulted his mind.
“You do realize you’re driving on the shoulder, don’t you?”
“Thanks for pointing that out, Cameron.”


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  1. Reading your quotes makes me want to re-read! Love the book!



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