Saturday, 1 September 2012

Graphic Poll/Contest

Well well well,

The poll has closed and it has been decided. The next graphic(s) to be designed will be:

A new giveaway graphic and a new winner graphic!

So because this was a double graphic choice I will be creating the giveaway graphic. I already have some stuff in mind.

So here is how the contest will go.

1. Sumbit your idea. Whether is be a written submission (which I will do a quick drawing and e-mail you back and forth until I've got your general idea), or provide me with a sketch. After I've narrowed down the options to the top three I will submit either my scretch of your written design or your scretch onto my blog for voting.

All graphics/graphic ideas should be submitted to:

*** Try and include an area for the female character that I use in all my new graphics. You can view her on my banner and in my challenge section.

2. Make sure you vote.

3. After enough time has passed that everyone gets their say I will announce the winner and start completing the graphic giving it some of my own touches.

And then,

The graphic will be displayed on my blog with the winner's name on it.

And then,

The winner will be awarded a $20.00 CND or less book(s) from The Book Depository. Pre-orders allowed!

We need quite a few designs for the contest to reall get going, so I will have the dealine set for September 15th 2012. Your scetches don't have to be anything more than that; a scetch. So don't worry if you think it doesn't look perfect.

Accepting submissions now!

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