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Review: How to Dance With a Duke by Manda Collins

How to Dance With a Duke
Series: Ugly Ducklings #1
Author: Manda Collins
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Pages: 400
Format: ebook
Source: purchased


Reason chosen:

I came across it on someone’s recently read shelf, and as I was in a historical romance moment I thought I would give it a shot.

Summary taken from Chapters/Indigo.ca:

What's a wallflower to do when she's suddenly in need of a husband? Use all the pluck and moxie she can muster to get what she wants…
Miss Cecily Hurston would much rather explore the antiquities of Egypt than the uncharted territory of marriage. But the rules of her father's exclusive academic society forbid her entrance unless she weds one of its members. To clear her ailing father's name of a scandalous rumor, Cecily needs to gain admission into the Egyptian Club-and is willing to marry any old dullard to do it.
Lucas Dalton, Duke of Winterson, is anything but dull. He's a dashing and decorated war hero determined to help Cecily-even if that means looking the other way when she claims the dance card of Amelia Snow, this season's most sought-after beauty. But Lucas has a reason for wanting Cecily to join the Egyptian Club: His brother went missing during one of Lord Hurston's expeditions to Egypt. An alliance with the explorer's bluestocking daughter could bring Lucas closer to the truth about what happened…or it could lead him to a more dangerous love than either he or Cecily could have imagined….


I will more than happily have a Lucas Dalton if you don’t mind. Who wouldn’t want an injured soldier? Who wants to protect what is his? Who doesn’t want to see you married to anyone really, but will help you pick the best out of the sad bunch of men your society has to offer. Who woos you. I think I’m blushing. This novel weaves together mystery, romance and independent women giving you a read that I sure meant to make you smile. Although there were some points (like the bad guy) that were predictable there were many enjoyable moments in this novel as well, both romantically and just plain and simple enjoyable. Sadly there were also some rather boring moments, and some language I didn’t 100% understand. I guess this type of book is mainly made for those that are truly dedicated to historical fiction. Never the less, even though I had some lines that I needed to re-read I still rather enjoyed it. There is something about the time of carriages, and soldiers, and ladies in season that makes a girls stomach flutter, and brings a blush to her cheeks. I blame is on Jane Austen for setting the stage for some of the most romantic stories, and making the time of the Ton as being some of the most romantic period to write about.


Cecily—independent and never wants to marry. Simply wants to educate herself and go on a trip to Egypt. Hunny, you had me at Egypt.
Lucas—recently inherited Dukedom after fighting in the war for years and now wants to find out what happened to his brother. Fiercely protective of what is his and his family. Um did I mention a strapping solider that happens to be a Duke?


The language was confusing for me and some things I had to re-read, some things I had to Google. Then there were also some slow bits in the middle.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall the story was rather enjoyable. I was happy to see another romance novel that actually held a story line instead of focusing solely on the romance and racy bits. The characters were typical romance characters but unique and interesting non-the-less. Overall I definitely will continue reading this series.

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Viewer Type Recommendation:

If you love the time of Jane Austen, and are a lover or mystery, romance, and historical pieces this is for you.

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