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Review: Soul of a Highlander by Melissa Mayhue

Soul of a Highlander
Series: Daughters of Glen #3
Author: Melissa Mayhue
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pages: 368
Format: paperback
Source: Library


Reason chosen:

I loved the first one in the novel, and when I read that the third was set back in the 1200s Scotland (just like the first) I jumped right on it.

Summary taken from Chapters/Indigo.ca:

Nine years ago, Faerie Magic saved Mairi MacKiernan at the cost of her dreams of happiness, snatching her from her life in 1272, and depositing her in the twenty-first century. Now, she must save the last Daughter of the MacKiernan family...who was murdered in 1295. Transported back in time at her request, Mairi finds herself captured by the same evil men as before! Is this the price the Faerie Magic requires of her this time?
Ramos Servans has dedicated his dreams to service as a Guardian, but when he discovers the evil unleashed on the Mortal Plain by his father and their people, he swears he will atone by ridding the world of Nuadian deceit. Part of his mission involves rescuing a lovely Highland lassie, and in the passion that grows between them, Ramos and Mairi find a new dream.
But falling in love can be dangerous when Faerie Magic is involved. Dreams may not be the only cost....


Finally back to olden day Scotland! And with familiar characters no less! I was always curious about how Mairi ended up turning out, and what happened to her the night she was brought to ‘present day’ time. But then she believes she has to go back. To save her family’s female line even though she’s not suppose to change the past. As a girl that is ‘out of place’ she believes that she belongs nowhere and has no clue what to do with her future. Then comes Ramos back to the past to save her. I absolutely loved how there was a piece of modern mixed with the old and that Ramos, although born in moder times, fits more with the older Scotland and is truly a man’s man. So put a feisty and determined Mairi with a reluctant hero Ramos and you have awesomeness. These characters were more enjoyable. I guess I, and probably a lot of other readers, love characters who fight and bicker. Who tease, and try and order each other around un-successfully. This book, like the first, was filled with passion and emotion. With characters that both had set tasks and were trying to complete them (without knowing what they really were).


Mairi—a little more refined than she use to be but still determined and feisty.
Ramos—convinced that he is a bad guy and trying his hardest to be good even if that means sacrificing his own happiness and future.
The Macalisters—A lively bunch descended from awesome characters in the first book that pave the way for future novels.


I didn’t necessary like how Mairi was more docile. She even gets mad at herself for realizing that she would like Ramos to come to her rescue and that instead of speaking up she let Ramos handle the situation for her. I guess I’m a big fan of women being independent.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall Melissa Mayhue hit on what made her first novel a favourite of mine. The passion and romance, as well as the time period, sweep you up into an adventure that you feel like you just cannot put down. Filled with fae magic, and an abundance of unique characters this novel gets your heart running and your kilt waving proudly in the wind.

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Viewer Type Recommendation:

For any love of historical romances

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