Thursday, 18 October 2012

Quotes! Death and the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read 
Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight #1) by Darynda Jones.
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As always there may be some spoilers

1. “Why didn’t you stay home?”
“And wallow in a deep pit of despair alone when I could force you to wallow with me? No, thank you.”
She nodded. “That’s a good point. I’m pretty good at wallowing.”

2. “I understand where you’re coming from, but if you really love me, you’d describe that boy in much more detail and include pertinent information like chest measurements and white blood cell count.”

3. “That boy needs a hobby.”
“Stalking is a hobby.”
“So is serial killing.”

4. I really didn’t have much of an attitude anyway. Except for when my grandmother said, “Don’t give me that attitude.” Then I guess I had one.

5. “You’re so logical,” I said as we headed to second hour.
“Thank you. I was going for logical. It seemed like logical thing to do.”

6. “Are you psychotic?”
“You mean today or just in general?”

7. What does one say to a stalker? Um, pardon me, Mr. Stalker, but could you, like, not?

8. “I’d be more concerned if I weren’t so busy breathing.”

9. “I know,” he said in almost bored contemplation. “My manners suck. I like to chalk it up to a dissatisfying childhood.”
“I’d chalk it up to that narcissistic personality disorder laced with a smidgen of schizophrenia. Your mother would be proud.”

10. “We’re big girls, Glitch,” I said, more than a little perturbed.
He choked on his cappuccino, coughed for like twenty-minutes, then turned back to us. “Big?” he asked. “You’re barely five feet tall.”
“I meant age-wise.”
“You’re five-zero.”
“You’re missing the point.”
“Five-nil, zip, zilch…”

11. “When you’re mad at him, he totally ignores my insults. Those insults serve a social function. They reinforce the hierarchy of our little three-some here.”

12. “That’s not funny.” Glitch’s grin evaporated. “If you’re gonna crack jokes, they should really be funny.”
“I thought it was funny,” Brooklyn said with a shrug.
“You think the Teletubbies are funny,” he said.
I raised my brows. “He is right, you know. For once.”
“I know,” she said, her tone flat. “I hate when that happens.”

13. “The two key vocabulary words for this evening are extreme and danger.”

14. Brooklyn turned towards him, ready to fight with all of her five feet if he tried anything. She could never really faze him, but that didn’t matter. She was there for me, as always. God bless her freaky little soul.

15. “I order you to get some sleep then.”
“Another order?” He raised his brow, amused. “You gonna pull that water pistol on me again?”
With a soft gasp, she asked, “You knew that was a water pistol?” After he shot her a duh-like smirk, she said, “I can’t believe you knew it was a water pistol.”
“Oh yeah,” he said sarcastically, “the difference between a water pistol and a Glock are really subtle.”

16. Cameron tsked. “See crime never pays.”
“Listen, blondie,” Brooke said, pointing a finger at him, “if you don’t have anything nice to say—“
He stepped close and stared fixedly down at her, his eyes sparkling with humor. He meant to fluster her, and it worked.
“—then just…just don’t say anything at all.”
“Okay,” he said softly.
Brooklyn turned from him slightly winded. Oh, this was getting very, very good.

17. “That was rude. I’m impressed.”

18. “Because you move like fire rushing across a floor,” he said, his voice hushed, velvety smooth, “like flames licking up a wall.” The rest of the world crumbled away as he lifted my chin. “Your energy is liquid and hot. Even from a distance you burn, you scorch anyone who gets too close. You are wine on my tongue and honey in my veins, and I cannot get enough of you.” He leaned forward and whispered into my ear. His warn breath sent shivers cascading over my body. “You intoxicate me, Lorelei McAlister. You will be my downfall.”

19. “This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me.” She reached up and took him by the ear.
“Ouch, holy crap,” he said, bending to her will. And her razor-sharp nails.

20. “I don’t know. I’ve just never seen anything like it. It’s broken. There’s a crack down the middle and while the aura around you is normal, a light projects out of the fissure, so bright that when you stand just right, you’re blinding.”
“So,” Glitch said, his head bowed in thought, “you’ve been checking out her crack?”



  1. This post really made me laugh - especially the last quote - I definitely have to check out this book

  2. Jup, same for me ^^ That last one really "cracked" me up ;)

  3. Jup, same for me ^^ That last one really "cracked" me up ;)



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