Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Quotes! Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Here are some of my favourite quotes from Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles) by Kresley Cole (Click title for review)

Be warned these quotes are hot, and may have some spoilers as much as I tried to avoid it.

1. “Wheh-hell,” Katherine said, “good to know her panties are hot pink. Shocked she’s wearing them, actually. Classy with a special K.”
Mel Nodded thoughtfully. “I finally understand who buys vajazzling kits.”

2. Finally, the big one reached for his helmet. I waited. He yanked it off, shook out his hair, and raised his head. My lips parted.
Mel voiced my thoughts: “I kind of wasn’t expecting that.”

3. They were messing with my khaki tribe.

4. “And you Sterling girls make fun of Clotile for wearing shirt skirts?” Jackson said, striding across the courtyard, raking his gaze over me in my cheer uniform.
I hastily closed my journal, putting it with my other books.
“Um, um, UM, Evie. Just seeing you in that getup make me feel more…cheerful.”

5. “Over my shoulder, he said in a goading voice, “Je t’aime en rose.” I like you in pink. Then he sat uninvited beside me.
Huh? I wasn’t wearing anything pink. Nothing but my bra—
He’d been looking over my shoulder, straight down my top! Did he have no boundaries?

6. Roses: friend or foe?

7. Mel was over at my house prepping me for date night because she felt the need to sluttify my outfit so I could stand a chance against Clotile’s “free-balling lady lumps.”

8. “Eves, on the scale from wholesome to whoresome, you’re practically Amish.”

9. “And all he wants is to throw a rager in your sugar mill?” Then she frowned. “Wow. That sounded raunchy.”

10. As if to illustrate, a football player mooned the crowd, with full-on junk shot. I sighed. I couldn’t unsee that. Ever.

11. “So, cher, now that you’ve set up this rendezvous with me, what are your intentions?”
I sipped from my cup. “You are firmly on the pipe.”

12. “I woan let you go back to that boy—not until you give me one bec doux.” A sweet kiss. Then he reached forward unlacing the ribbon from my hair.
“What are you doing?” I murmured.
“Souvenir.” He put it in his pocket, and for some reason that struck me as the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

13. He was staring at my lips. And before I could think better of it, I’d wetted them.
“That’s it, bebe,” he said in a coaxing rasp. “Ma bonne fille.” My good girl.
He wrapped one of his arms behind my back, cupping my chin with his free hand. “Evangeline, I’m goan to kiss you until your toes curl, until we’re breathing for each other.”
That was the promise…

14. When I bit my bottom lip, I thought he might come after me, but again Lionel hauled back on his arm. Jackson growled at his friend, “Want a taste of dat girl, me.” The look in his blazing eyes…

15. “Why are you being decent to me?”
“I’m not. I just want you on my bike, with you in dat skirt.”

16. “You’re dressing up and using expensive perfume? Ole Jack senses a trap. Consider me snared.”

17. “I’m too keyed up from the wreck. Never been in one before. Have you?”
“Motorcycle wrecks all the time. Hell, you almost made me crash.”
Again his lips curled. “That first morning I saw you, I could barely take my eyes off your ass in that little dress.” He scrubbed a hand over his mouth, as if he was remembering the sight even now.
Which made my breath hitch. I couldn’t tell if I was flattered, embarrassed, or excited.
“Then I got a gander of that face of yours. Nearly hit a pothole and took a header over the handlebars, me.” He shot me a glance, looking like he regretted saying so much.

18. “He actually thought of trying to steal you,” Jackson grated. “To steal you from me.”

19. “If you touch me like that again, Evangeline,” he began in a husky tone, dropping to his seat once more, “in the space of a heartbeat, I will have you off this bike and onto the closest horizontal surface. And I woan be picky, no.”

20. Skinny-dipping? Evangeline and her dirty mind.”

21. At that, the initial mrowr pfft pfft I’d felt transformed into I will cut a bitch.


  1. The more quotations I read from this book, the more I want to read it NOW. Jackson's speech bugged me the first time I came across quotes, but I've gotten used to it. And I kind of like it...

    1. Oh I know. But once you read it you start to love it. Especially when you are able to hear how it sounds in your head. Straight up sexy!

  2. Love these quotes...so dirty haha

  3. Love, love, LOVE Kresley Cole! Everything she writes is pure, hilariously romantic genius.



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