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Review: Death and the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones

Death and the Girl Next Door
Series: Darklight #1
Author: Darynda Jones
Publisher: St Martin’s Press
Pages: 274
Format: Paperback
Source: purchased!


Reason chosen:  

I am a HUGE fan of Darynda’s Charley Davidson series so I couldn’t resist reading the first novel in her new series.

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Ten years ago, Lorelei's parents disappeared without a trace.  Raised by her grandparents and leaning on the support of her best friends, Lorelei is finally beginning to accept the fact that her parents are never coming home.  For Lorelei, life goes on.

High school is not quite as painful as she thinks it will be, and things are as normal as they can be.  Until the day the school's designated loner, Cameron Lusk, begins to stalk her, turning up where she least expects it,  standing outside her house in the dark, night after night.  Things get even more complicated when a new guy—terrifying, tough, sexy Jared Kovach—comes to school.  Cameron and Jared instantly despise each other and Lorelei seems to be the reason for their animosity.  What does Jared know about her parents?  Why does Cameron tell Jared he can't have Lorelei?  And what will any of them do when Death comes knocking for real?  Thrilling, sassy, sexy, and inventive, Darynda Jones's first foray into the world of teens will leave readers eager for the next installment.


This book was mind-boggling. In a good way. The back of the book doesn’t really give much away so when I started reading it I started making guesses, and then those guesses were proven wrong so I made some more, and then those were proven wrong. So I guess its good that this was definitely not predictable, even with the characters. I was torn between Cameron and Jared, and, in fact, I didn’t even really like Jared until around half way through the novel…then I loved him. And I didn’t not see half the stuff coming in this book…like what they really were, why she was so special, AND I still want to know what happened between Cameron and Glitch in the second grade! Overall this book started off a bit slow. There was a pretty major fight scene, but it was killing me that nothing was getting explained until about page 100 in this novel. So you are left anticipating it and wanting to pull your hair out. But the world that Darynda Jones has created is a very intriguing, hilarious, and eventful one, just like her Charley Davidson series. You gotta love an author who can bring subtly humour to her novels as well as some great one liners and still making you feel the passion between characters and the loyalty of friends.


Lorelei—funny, loyal, determined. Big things come in small packages.

Brooklyn—hilarious. I love how she can stand up to anyone for her friends and for what’s right even when she is five nothing and they are six-five. Love it

Glitch—also quite hilarious, although I worry about him

Jared—smokin’ hot. And very protective of Lorelei.

Cameron—also quite funny, and I love when he tries to intimidate Brook with his mere presence.


A little slow at first and maybe it was just be but I felt like the book was going one way, the completely changed directions, and then it did it again leaving me with some paperback whiplash.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall the story is definitely an interesting one, the plot was filled with action and humor, the characters were each special in their own way and I never really had to re-read anything to make sure I was understanding it all correctly. Darynda Jones brings your into a new fun and action filled world that will keep you guessing and coming back for more.


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Next in the Series:

Death,Doom and Detention ETA: March 5th 2013

(No Cover art as of yet)
Deathand the Girl He Loves ETA: Oct 1st 2013

Viewer Type Recommendation:

If you love a good that involves prophets, supernatural beings, forbidden love, loyal friends that has a good deal of humor and action, than this is the book for you.

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