Sunday, 9 December 2012

Quotes! Crash by Nicole Williams

Here are some my favourite quotes from my recent read:
Crash (Crash #1) by Nicole Williams (Click title for review)

My cup runneth over with quotes. While you are checking out this bountiful post please be aware of potential spoilers.

1. “You can’t be friends with the person you were meant to spent your life with”
 “It’s not hard to recognize something special when life’s thrown a lotta shit your way”

2. “I’ll be here, each day and every day on, as long as you want me to be”

3. “How does a guy like you promise someone forever at eighteen?”
 “Easy,” he said, pressing a soft kiss into the corner of my mouth. “He finds a girl like you.”

4. “It always amazes me how when we’re sure we’ve lost something for good, it winds up finding us.”

5. “You’ve got all my firsts,” he said. “All the ones that matter.”

6. “The thing was, if staying away from him made me unsmart, I never wanted to be smart again.”

7. “Honey, a girl can’t keep a man like that as a friend. He’s a lover or an ex-lover, but never a friend. Men like that weren’t created to be a woman’s friend – they were created to make a woman hit high C three times in row.”

8. “Rain. Jude. Me. Kissing
Stick a fork in me because I was done.”

9. “If I ever mess things up again, whether it’s a misunderstanding, or shit luck, or I just do what I was created to do and screw everything up,” he paused, exhaling, “I want you to promise me you’ll leave. Drop me like a bad habit and don’t look back because god knows, it can’t be me that walks away since I’m incapable of it.”

10. “I’m his girlfriend?” It was meant to be a question to myself, but Taylor couldn’t let it go unanswered.
“You’re the first,” she said, looking at me like I was a puzzle. “You lucky bitch.”

11. “I’d found boys were fairly simple creatures to figure out, at least on a primal level—on a mind, heart, and soul matter they were about as confounding to me as thermal dynamics—and since primal was just a nice term for raging hormones, I decided to use their overabundance of teenage boy ones to my advantage.”

12. “His eyes stayed trained on me, unblinking. "Fine." Convince me you don't want me like I want you.”

13. “Because I know I will never love anyone like I love you. That’s what will overcome the past every time it tries to rear its ugly head.” He stepped closer. “So it’s either you and me or me and me, Luce. And I don’t really like myself, so I hope you’ll pick the you and me option.”

14. “Damn it, kiss me, Luce.”

15. “Why did he have to be everything I did and everything I didn't need at any given moment?”

16. “What’s that dumbfounded look for?” I asked.
“Because I have yet to come across a girl who sends me packing,” he said, looking at me with something new in his eyes. “So sorry to upend your world of non-respect for women, but it seems my work here is done.”

17. “So he’s a mutt,” he said. “No,” I said, looking at the shaggy bundle still baring his teeth in Jude’s direction. “He’s well-rounded,” I added.

18. “You playing hard to get, Lucy?”
“No, Jude,” I replied, arching a brow. “I’m impossible to get.”

19. Was it possible to hate high school more? Yes, the answer is always yes.

20. Homecoming with Jude Ryder. There was so much wrong with that, it had to be right.

21. “Anything else you want to lay out on the table?” Staring over at him, I wet my lips.
“Nothing other than me.”

22. “I wanted to curse the maker for not completing the female cast with a delete slash purge button when it came to men.”

23. “Wealth can be created. Wit and intelligence can't.”


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