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2013 To-Be-Read Pile Reading Challenge

I love the TBR Pile Reading Challenge!

Feel free to sign-up if you want to participate.

Last year I met my goal of 30 books!

And hopefully this year I can met my goal.

I have a total of 211 books (so far) that I can choose from. Obviously I won't be reading them all.
I've decided on the Love At First Sight level (31-40 books)

Last year I vowed that I wasn't going to purchase any more books, unless they were given to me, until my the challenge was complete.

Well that lasted about ten seconds, so I will make no promise this year.

Each book that I review that is apart of my TBR Pile Reading Challenge will have a banner posted on the review. I decided to make my own instead of using the one provided by the hosts.

Here are the book I can choose from. 

*I will be crossing off the books that I've finished as I go.

*Note: Some books are the first book in a series that I have not read. For any with a # sign it means I either h have not read any of the books in a series, or it indicates were I am in the series I am.

Sorry about the way the list looks, but it was the way it transferred over from my Word Doc.

Physical Books:

Adornetto, Alexandra-
1.     Halo

Ashley, Lara-
2.     Flee!

Barry, Dave & Ridley Pearson
3.     Peter and the Starcatchers

Blake, Kendare-
4.     Girl of Nightmares (#2)

Blake, Lily-
5.     Snow White and the Huntsman

Brashares, Ann-
6.     3 Willows
7.     The Last Summer (Of You & Me)

Bronte, Charlotte
8.     Jane Eyre (For School)

Bushnell, Candace
9.     The Carrie Diaries

Clare, Cassandra-
10. City Of Lost Souls

Condie, Ally-
11. Matched

Cook, Eileen-
12. Unraveling Isolbel

Connealy, Mary-
(The Kincaid Brides Series)
13. Out of Control #1
14. In Too Deep #2
15. Over the Edge #3

Cross, Julie-
16. Tempest

Downing Erin-
17. Drive Me Crazy

Duff, Hilary-
18. Devoted

Evanovich, Janet-
        To The Nines

Fitzpatrick, Becca-
19. Finale

Flyte, Magnus-
20. City of Dark Magic

Fontaine, Isabella & Ken Brosky-

Grant, Michael-
22. Gone

Green, Tim-
23. Unstoppable

Higgins, Wendy-
24. Sweet Evil

Kagawa, Julie-
25. The Immortal Rules

Kinsella, Sophie-
26. Mini Shopaholic

Levine, Gail Carson
27. Ever

Lyles, Whitney-
28. Love Off-Limits

Madison, Shawntelle-
29. Kept

Maguire, Gregory-
30. Wicked

Meyer, Stephanie-
31. The Host

Moulton, Courtney Allison-
32. Angelfire

Probst, Jennifer-
33. The Marriage Mistake

Shepard, Sara-
34. Pretty Little Liars

Smith, L.J-
35. The Secret Circle

Sniegoski, Thomas E.-
36. The Fallen 2: Aerie and Reckoning

Sparks, Nicolas-
37. The Lucky One

Stiefvater, Maggie-
38. Linger

Treggiari, Jo-
39. Ashes, Ashes

Vivian, Siobhan-
40. The List

Witemeyer, Karen
41. Head in the Clouds
42. To Win Her Heart

Wright, Natalie-
43. Emily’s Trial

Digital Editions:

Accardo, Jus-
44. Touch

Alexander, Cassie-
45. Nighshifted

Armentrout, Jennifer L.-
(Covenant Series)
46. Daimon #0.50
47. Pure #2

Asher, Jay-
48. The Future of Us

Ashley, Katie-

Ashton, Brodi-
50. Everneath

Austin, Lori-
51. Beauty and the Bounty Hunter

Banks, Maya-
(McCabe Triolgy)

Barant, D.D
54. Dying Bites

Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
55. Crazy Beautiful

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn-
56. Tattoo
57. Every Other Day

Barnholdt, Lauren-
58. One Night That Changes Everything

Bates, Marnie-
59. Awkward
60. Decked with Holly

Bennett, Jenn-
61. Kindling The Moon

Berry, Nina-
62. Otherkin

Black, Holly-
63. White Cat

Boudreau, Helen-

Brown, Anne Greenwood-
65. Lies Beneath

Burton, Jaci-
66. Taking a Shot

Caine, Rachel-
67. Working Stiff

Carlson, Amanda-
68. Full Blooded

Carter, Aimee-
69. The Goddess Test

Cassidy, Dakota

Castle, Jennifer-
71. The Beginning of After

Castle, Richard-
72. Heat Wave

Chase, Ashlyn
73. Strange Neighbors

Childs, Tera Lynn
74. Oh. My. Gods
75. Sweet Venom

Alice Clayton-
76. The Unidentified Redhead

Collins, Suzanne-
(Underland Chronicles)
77. Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane #2
78. Gregor and the Curse of The Warmbloods #3
79. Gregor and the Marks of Secret #4
80. Gregor and the Code of Claw #5

Cordova, Zoraida-
81. The Vicious Deep

Covington, Robin-
82. A Night of Southern Comfort

Craig, Christie-
83. Blame It On Texas (#2)

Damico, Gina-
84. Croak

Nayeri, Daniel & Dina
85. Another Faust

Dashner, James-
86. The Maze Runner

Davidson, Maryjanice
87. Undead and Unwed

Davies, Anna-
88. Wrecked

Eliot, Anne-
89. Unmaking Hunter Kennedy

Elkeles, Simone-
(Perfect Chemistry Series)
90. Rules of Attraction (#2)
91. Chain Reaction (#3)

(Leaving Paradise)
92. Return to Paradise (#2)

Estep, Jennifer
(Elemental Assassin)
93. Spider’s Bite (#1)

Eulberg, Elizabeth-
94. Prom and Prejudice

Flinn, Alex-
(Kendra Chronicles)
95. Bewitching (#1)
Frater, Rhiannon
(Vampire Bride)
96. The Tale of the Vampire Bride (#1)

Fukuda, Andrew
(The Hunt)
97. The Hunt (#1)

Gabrielson, Brynna
98. Starkissed

Gailman, Neil
99. Stardust

Garcia, Kami & Margaret Stohl
(Caster Chronciles)
100.                Beautiful Creatures (#1)

George, Lexi-
(Demon Hunting)
101.                Demon Hunting in the Deep South (#2)

Gephart, December-
102.                Undercover Professor

Abbi Glines
(Vincent Boys)
103.                The Vincent Boys (#1)

(Sea Breeze)
104.                Breathe

Hallaway, Tate-
(Garnet Lacey)
105.                Tall, Dark & Dead (#1)

(Deadly Cool)
106.                Deadly Cool (#1)

(A High Heel Mystery)
107.                Spying in High Heels (#1)

Hand, Cynthia
108.                Unearthly (#1)

Harper, Molly
(Jane Jameson)
109.                Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs (#1)

Harrington, Hannah
110.                Speechless

Harrison, Kim
(The Hollows)
111.                Dead Witch Walking (#1)

(Madison Avery)
112.                Something Deadly This Way Comes (#3)

Hart, Audrey
(Zoe and Zeus Trilogy)
113.                The Dig (#1)

Harvey, Alyxandra
(Drake Chronicles)
114.                My Love Lies Bleeding (#1)

Heasley, Gwendolyn
115.                Where I Belong

Hodkin, Michelle
(Mara Dyer)
116.                The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (#1)

Hoover, Colleen
117.                Slammed (#1)

Howard, Jonathan L.
(Russalka Chronicles)
118.                Katya’s World

Isabelle, J.C.
119.                Chasing McCree

James, Allyson
120.                Stormwalker (#1)

James, Jenni-
(The Jane Austen Diaries)
121.                Pride and Popularity (#1)

James, Julie
(FBI/US Attorney)
122.                A Lot Like Love #2

James, Victoria
123. The Billionaire's Christmas Baby

Jayne, Hannah
(Underworld Detective Agency)
123.                Under Wraps (#1)

Kemmerer, Brigid
124.                Fearless (#1.50)

Kennedy, Stacey
(The Magical Sword)
125.                The Willow (#1)

126.                Demonically Tempted (#2)

(The Blue Bloods)
127.                Silent Howl (#2)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn
(Chronicles of Nick)
128.                Infinity (#1)

Kinsella, Sophie
129.                I’ve Got Your Number

Koch, Gini
(Katherine “Kitty” Katt)
130.                Alien Proliferation (#4)

Laine, Aimee
(Games of Zeus)
131.                Hide & Seek (#1)

Laurie, Victoria
(Ghost Hunter Mystery)
132.                What’s a Ghoul to Do? (#1)

(Psychic Eye Mystery)
133.                Abby, Cooper, Psychic Eye (#1)

Leighton, M.
(The Wild Ones)
134.                The Wild Ones #1

Linde, K. A.
135.                Avoiding Commitment (#1)

Loftis, Quinn
(The Grey Wolves)
136.                Prince of Wolves (#1)

Lore, Pittacus
(Lorien Legacies)
137.                The Power of Six (#2)
138.                The Rise of Nine (#3)

Lyga, Barry
(I Hunt Killers)
139.                I Hunt Killers (#1)

Madison, Shawntelle
140.                Collected (#0.5)
141.                Kept (#2)

Madow, Michelle
(Transcend Time Saga)
142.                Remembrance (#1)

Mafi, Tahereh
(Shatter Me)
143.                Shatter Me (#1)

Maizel, Rebecca
(Vampire Queen)
144.                Infinite Days (#1)

Mallory, H.P.
(Jolie Wilkins)
145.                Witchful Thinking (#3)
146.                The Witch is Back (#4)
147.                Something Witchy This Way Comes (#5)

(Dulcie O’Neil)
148.                To Kill a Warlock
Marion, Isaac
149.                Warm Bodies

Marr, Melissa
150.                Carnival of Souls

Mayhue, Melissa
(Daughters of Glen)
151.                A Highlander’s Destiny (#5)
152.                A Highlander’s Homecoming (#6)
153.                Healing the Highlander (#7)
154.                Highlander’s Curse (#8)

      (Warrior Series)
                  Warrior's Redemption (#1)
                  Warrior's Last Gift (#1.5)

McBride, Sloan
Highland Stone

McCafferty, Megan
155.                Bumped (#1)

McCarty, Monica
(Highland Guard)
156.                The Chief (#1)

Mcdermott, Andy
(Nina Wild & Eddie Chase)
157.                The Hunt for Atlantis (#1)

McGarry, Katie
(Pushing The Limits)
158.                Pushing the Limits (#1)

Mead, Richelle
(Dark Swan)
159.                Storm Born

Morgenstern, Erin
160.                The Night Circus

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
(Dairy Queen)
161.                Dairy Queen (#1)

Neill, Chloe
(Chicagoland Vampires)
162.                Some Girls Bite (#1)

Norris, Elizabeth
       Unraveling (#1)

Oliver, Lauren
163.                Delirium (#1)

Pang, Allison
(Abby Sinclair)
164.                Brush of Darkness (#1)

Perkins, Stephanie
165.                Anna and the French Kiss

Perry, Jolene
166.                Falling

Pike, Christopher
167.                Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice (#1)

Quaid, Jamie
(Saturn’s Daughter)
168.                Boyfriend from Hell (#1)

Redmerski, J.A.
(The Darkwoods Trilogy)
169.                The Mayfair Moon (#1)

Rennison, Louise
(The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey)
170.                Withering Tights (#1)

Riordan, Rick
(The Heroes of Olympus)
171.                The Mark of Athena (#3)

(The Kane Chronicles)
172.                The Serpant’s Shadow (#3)

Robinson, Gina
(Agent Ex)
173.                The Spy Who Left Me (#1)

Roth, Veronica
174.                Divergent (#1) (Hardcover purchased and reviewed as Hardcover)

Rowland, Diana
(White Trash Zombie)
175.                My Life As A White Trash Zombie (#1)
Schreiber, Ellen
(Full Moon)
176.                Once in a Full Moon (#1)

Shirvington, Jessica
(The Violet Eden Chapters)
177.                Embrace (#1)

Showalter, Gena
(Otherworld Assassin)
178.                Last Kiss Goodnight (#1)

179.                Intertwined (#1)

(Angels of the Dark)
180.                Wicked Nights (#1)

181.                Heart of the Dragon (#1)

Shultz, Cara Lynn
182.                Spellbound (#1)

Simmons, Kristen
(Article 5)
183.                Article 5 (#1)

Smith-Ready, Jeri
184.                Shade (#1)

Sorensen, Jessica
(The Coincidence)
185.                The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (#1)

Stephens, S.C.
186.                Thoughtless (#1)

Sterling, J.
(The Perfect Game)
187.                The Perfect Game #1

Tabke, Karin
(The Blood Moon Rising)
188.                Blood Law (#1)

Taylor, Keary
(Fall of Angels)
189.                Branded (#1)

Thomas, Lex
190.                Quaranteen: The Loners

Thompson, Vicki Lewis
(Wild About You)
191.                Werewolf in Denver (#4)

(Babes on Brooms)
192.                Blonde With a Wand (#1)

193.                Over Hexed (#1)

Thwackery, William Codpiece
194.                Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy

Vernon, Megan
195.                (My Alien Romance)
196.                How to Date an Alien (#1)

Vincent, Rachel
197.                Prey (#4)
198.                Shift (#5)
199.                Alpha (#6)

(Soul Screamers)
200.                My Soul to Take (#1)

201.                Blood Bound (#1)

Walker, Julie Ann
(Black Knights Inc.)
202.                Hell on Wheels (#1)

Waters, Daniel
(Generation Dead)
203.                Generation Dead (#1)
Wells, Dan
204.                Partials (#1)

White, Kiersten
205.                Paranormalcy (#1)

White, Loreth Anne
206.                Guarding The Princess

Williams, Sandy
(MacKenzie Lewis)
207.                The Shadow Reader (#1)

Wolff, Veronica
(The Watchers)
208.                Isle of Night

Woon, Yvonne
(Dead Beautiful)
209.                Dead Beautiful (#1)

Young, Moira
(Dust Lands)
210.                Blood Read Road (#1)

How About you? Are you participating, and if so what is your level or your list?


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