Saturday, 12 January 2013

I hate code/Minor Changes

I hate code. 

I hate code.

La la la la la la...I hate CODE!

Don't worry there is a purpose behind this post.

Lately (a couple of months really), I have been hating my menu bar. I felt it was cluttered. I've had some people mention it when I asked about improvements say that it had too many things listed.

And I was stubborn. 
I didn't want to get rid of any of the options that were listed.

So, I started looking into a drop-down menu.

To the other bloggers out there that already had one. Good for you, and I hate you. Not really...just a little bit jealous.

Why? Because I hate code.
I'm an English major. I read a lot. 

But I don't do code. Well, not very well. 

I've already had to use code a couple of times on my blog. 
It started off with simply linking things to other posts, or images to reviews, or other pages.

Then there were the series images
(created by that are located on the right of my blog and if you click on them will bring you to my first review of the series. (Don't click on this one because it will not work)

And then there was some code for when I create events on Goodreads that allows me to insert images to make it more eye catching. That was ok...ish.

Oh, and lets not forget making my grab button. Some blogs give you a template, but sometimes they just didn't work (i.e. their code was wrong) or the size was not right.

Then inserting a rafflecopter giveaway linky. And that is pretty easy to do. But, then there was the Contact me options (the little bookshaped links at the top of my blog that you simply click and brings you to my Goodreads page/Facebook page/Twitter page/send an e-mail option. That was a little bit more difficult (mainly just finding the right place to put it)

I'm pretty sure (100%) that its because I get frustrated pretty easily. Deleting the simplest of spaces can throw the whole code off. Boo to you code. Boo to you. 

Anyhow, I finally took the majority of this morning while watching Crazy Stupid Love (love that movie) to make a drop-down menu bar. So I apologize to anyone who visited my blog this morning and noticed there were two menu bars. It was a hard long process. 

But, it's now up and running and hopefully pretty self explanatory. The only differences now are that they are all grouped together under similar headings, and I've added a policy/review request page.

Let me know what you think. 

And if there are any bloggers out there that want a link to a How to Create a Drop-Down Menu using Blogger I have one that I found the easiest to use, so just let me know if you want it.


  1. Great drop down! Maybe down the road, I'll ask you for the code :) But I totally understand the frustration. Blogger can really see my bad side sometimes.

    1. Agreed! Some days i'm just like "why blogger? why?" lol it does the weirdest stuff sometimes



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