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Movie Review! Beautiful Creatures 2013

Beautiful Creatures
Release: February 14th 2013
Staring: Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Man and Emma Thompson


Based On:

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Synopsis from IMDB.Com:

Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.

It should be noted that I have not read the book.

Negative/I don’t get:

I felt like there was no Depth to the movie. The love story moved pretty fast (almost instantly after meeting twice). There could have been more revealed about Lena’s history and maybe even the castor history.

I personally thought the ending was weird. Now I get that there are multiple novels and that it is only the beginning, and obviously I need to read the books to understand everything better, but the ending just left me thinking…Really? Not to mention you should have to read a book to better under the movie…that isn’t really how it’s suppose to work.

I don’t think things like the curse were really explained well. What was the curse? That female castors don’t have the ability to choose?

How was Link able to do what he did? I don’t really get that.

Although Alden Enrenreich and Emma Thompson did a pretty good job acting wise, I found that a lot of the character (ok, the main two) were not how I pictured them. I did get the chance to read the first two (ish) chapters of the novel and got a pretty good idea of Ethan…and that wasn’t how I pictured him.

Also, why Lena? Why was she the one to break the curse or bring about the great change? Because of her birthdate? If so maybe that should have been said. I get that her birthdate falls on winter solstice. But, does everyone else? Probably not.

Also…why would Ridley do that to Link? I though they want her to break the curse and turn dark? Don’t get it.


Alden Ehrenreich was funny and a pretty good actor. I found that he really brought across the awkward feels that Ethan had about his life and his future. Not to mention all the sarcastic comments and random rants were pretty funny and he pulled them off. Even, when he was angry at Lena it looked realistic.

The story itself seems like a good one, and probably is when you real the books.
I liked the setting for the novel as well as some of the special effects for the
castors. It was subtle yet just right.

Story Line:

The story was a pretty good one. A new girl comes to a new school, one that Ethan just happens to be dreaming about. He gets to know her, finds out she is a castor, and falls for her. Together they try and break the curse to prevent her from “going dark”. 

I love stories that have an significant event that changed the future (in this case the acts of a female castor, during the Civil War). 

There was a lot of stuff that seemed open for interpretation in the movie, and a lot of background or even just little info that seemed to be missing, like I was just suppose to know it.

Now, maybe I am judging too hard because I’m thinking, “A lot of people love this series it should be good”, and maybe I was expecting too much. But it let me down. Confused me even. I am willing to admit that there is a chance I went into this judging it not as just a movie, but as a book that was made into a movie, and maybe that has hindered some of my perspective. Hopefully the book is better, because the movie was not something I’d be willing to buy.  

The Characters:

Ethan—As a character he seemed really awesome. He was funny, emotional, and determined. Alden Ehrenreich was a pretty good actor in this movie, but just from reading the first couple of chapters of the book I don’t think he looked like the Ethan I pictured. Maybe I’m wrong and the rest of the novel will reveal that he was a good fit. I don’t know.

Lena—As a character she seems pretty cool too, but I found Alice Englert’s acting not very good. I felt she was mainly mopey, and didn’t really have a change in expressions.

Sarafine/Mrs.Lincolm—well the trailer basically gives it away that they are one and the same and I really liked Emma Thompson’s performance. I wished there was more info on Sarafine. I get that there are more than one way for someone to die, but how did she supposive die in the first place. Anyhow, the character seemed pretty awesome and filled with depth, and I really truly loved Emma Thompson and her ability to pull off such difference characters

For Men:

Um…I guess if you like the book, and are a lover of supernatural YA movies than there is something here for you

For Women:

The romance. The YA supernatural story.


Overall, its sad to say I’m truly disappointed. I walked out of there thinking “I should have seen Identity Thief”. I just found I still had a lot of questions, not the big picture questions that could come in future books/movies but smaller ones, and I wasn’t feeling the actors.




  1. First I have to tell you from what I've heard about Identity Thief that you would have been even more disappointed. :-) Secondly, I liked the movie, and I've read the book. Now, I've only read it once, but I did love it! I agree somewhat with what you said. In the book we learn a lot more about Lena's past as well as why the curse happened. And it would have been nice to have more of that in the movie. But my friend who went with me who hadn't read the book, liked it, and I think like Hunger Games, that the movie will please those who haven't read the book. But that's me. I agree that they should do better jobs with movies from books. I mean I was really disappointed with The Hunger Games movie. But then I've read the book over and over and dissected it and discussed it with several groups of my students, so to see what we had felt were important things left out or changed, that really ruined it. So great post, even if I don't agree with everything you said!

    1. Thanks! But, don't get me wrong I did still like it I guess I just expected more and was left with many questions.

  2. Totally! I absolutely HATED this movie. HATED it. I think they ran out of money at the end, because they're just like, "Let's make ethan have some kind of weird amnesia, do all this random crap, then roll the credits!!" I'm just like, "WTF?!" The movie has ruined the book for me, so I need to reread it before I read #1.5 Dream Dark. I just...and then what was up with the matrix thing where Ethan was seeing himself a couple times?! Like, WHATTTTTTT And Ethan was kinda creeper-ish. When he left Lena's house after Uncle Macon was like, "I MAKE YOU SAY YOUR ENTIRE LIFE WHERE YOU MARRY SAVANNAH SNOW" thing, he walks past Lena's window and he looks like that Bigfoot in the famous hoax video. I just...NO. My friends and I all saw the premiere together and everyone in the theater hated us because we were screaming and yelling in anger. uhhhhhhh

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog

  3. i'm the same as you i haven't yet read the books and felt the movie so-so

    besides we need to remember that a word-by-word transition from book to movie is particulary difficult but still what i think is they could have reworked the story a bit better.... still i did like the southern setting though and their accents were just awesome....

    even the movie trailer isn't explanatory reaction to it was like what they heck is this, i just couldn't make a head or a tail of it.

    Le' Grande Codex



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