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Movie Review! Safe Haven

Safe Haven
Release: February 14th 2013
Staring: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel and David Lyons


Synopsis from IMDB.Com:

A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.

Based On: 

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks


Some women out there may slap me, but I found Josh’s acting a little not so good sometimes—not very often though.

Also, I guess I should read the book because the character Jo was someone I didn’t entirely get. I’m trying not to give anything way but I understand, and I don’t understand. That probably makes no sense, but to those who have watched it…you get it right?


Well it was a romance based off a book by Nicholas Sparks. The man that brought us The Lucky One, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Last Song, Nights in Rodanthe, Message in A Bottle, and well…even Dear John. So to all the romantics out there not much else needs to be said.

But I’ll add that it was a pretty awesome romance and there was a large thriller aspect that I think really made it stand out from the others.

Story Line:

The story line was awesome. A woman runs away to create a new life for herself after something traumatic happens in her life. Who hasn’t thought of doing that? And then of course she meets the awesome towns people and falls for hottie who is widowed with two children. The thriller aspect was something that I easily caught on to, however there are other twist and reveals that I didn’t really catch onto until well near the end. The feeling of suspense and you’re mind constantly being at work trying to figure things out was actually pretty awesome.

The Characters:

Katie—She is played by the lovely Julianne Hough whom does a pretty awesome job. The character herself at first made me a little mad. She comes across as a b---not so nice person. But that was probably on purpose as her character is in hiding and doesn’t want to be noticed by anyone really.

Alex—Played by the extremely hot Josh Duhamel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh play a role as a parent to children above toddler age. It was nice, and refreshing. Now, if only all single dads were as sexy as Josh. Anyhow, Alex is complex and doesn’t really have the handle of things with his family just yet, even though it seems that his wife passed a while ago. But hey that’s the torment of them growing up. I liked that his character moved back to the small town to raise his family and loved being apart of the community. I also liked that he was just in general a nice guy.

Josh and Lexie—As Alex’s children they play a pretty decent role in the film. And they are adorable. I wouldn’t mind having a Lexie of my own, especially with those eyes. But, the kids teach the adults a thing or two about life in this movie and I just loved the parts they played.

For Men:

Julianna Houghs—A professional dancer, singer, and actor. She is a triple threat and she even gets down to her two piece swim suit. Ya, I thought you would like that.

And the thriller aspect. The story is not too over-run with romance and actually has some suspence, like some of Nicholas Sparks’ other novels.

For Women:

The romance—It was awesome

Josh Duhamel—Yup you get the picture.


Overall, I found this movie really enjoyable. I love the thriller aspect and I really just loved the love. I’m start to feel that Nicholas Sparks can really just never let me down (aside from Dear John—wasn’t a big fan). I was moved to tear, I was angry, I was happy, I was everything a moving movie was suppose to make you feel.



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