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Review! Warm Bodies the Movie!

Warm Bodies
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Release: 1 February 2013
Staring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry, Dave Franco


Synopsis from IMDB.Com:

After R (a highly unusual zombie) saves Julie from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world.


Basically the Zombie apocalypse has already happened. Humanity is diminished, but there are survivors, but that is all they are doing…surviving. We get introduced to a zombie called ‘R’ who can’t remember who he was, but wants something more. He finds that in Julie. Julie is a young human girl who is optimistic and hoping for a better tomorrow. When ‘R’ meets Julie he wants to save her, and together they start to make a change.

This movie is based on the book by Isaac Marion


I finished the book the morning that the movie was released. Just in time to go see it that evening. He movie is basically the book (in some cases almost word for word), however, there are still some little and even some significant changes. There is always a lot more background info in the books that you usually ever get in the movies and in this case there is some (a little). The changes, in my opinion, are not significant ones. Sorry, but he loses the dress shirt, pants, and tie in exchange for a hoodie and jeans (probably to make it more age relatable), although I wouldn't have mind seeing Mr. Nicholas Hoult in a suit.

Ou la la. 

But, it really didn’t matter what he wore because I still really liked and felt for ‘R’. Now, the thing that I really liked more was ‘R’s’ internal narrative. In the book he is pretty funny, but also a little more mature, and poetic. In the movie some of the things that run through his mind made me laugh out loud. There was a scene in particular with a goat that comes a little too close to him that made me laugh. Then, there were the Boneys. They were much more scary in the movie than in the book. The only thing that I missed from the book was how much of a society (although messed up) the zombie seemed, compared to in the movie where they were just the living dead. I did, however, love the action. It definitely came out more in the book. The movie was filled with humour, romance, action, and really did make you think.

The Characters:

‘R’—Although he dressed more mature in the book I liked how he was more relatable to my age group in the movie. He didn’t seem as strong and he came across in the book, but he is still a force you don’t want to reckon with. Not to mention Nicholas Hoult is pretty cute in the movie (especially near the end).

He did a really good acting job in my opinion. His jaw looked askew at times when he was more ‘zombie’, he had a limp in his run for most of the film, and his facial expressions not only made me laugh but brought across the words that ‘R’ couldn’t manage to say. “Shrug.”
Random fact: when he was more on the Zombie side Nicholas Hoult decided to not blink during filming to seem more undead. Ends up coming across as just the right amount of creepy.

Julie—definitely better in the movie.Teresa Palmer was a pretty good actor. I found she was more relatable, and fun in the movie. Julie as a character is a pretty in depth character that has had a lot of bad stuff happen in her life, but somehow still managed to be optimistic and hopeful for the future.
Random Fact: She plays Six in I am Number Four.

(L) Warm Bodies (R) I am Number Four

‘M’—“Bitches.” Nailed it. M was an awesome character who looked like he could be scary at times, especially when he was yelling at ‘R’, but still comes through as a friend. The actor was pretty awesome he played ‘R’ really well, and who could not like the guy who played Ashton Kutcher’s best friend in What Happens in Vegas?

Perry and Nora—I didn’t really picture Dave Franco as Perry, but I have to admit he does a good job. In the book Perry is a bit of jerk (a lot), but ends up pulling through as a good guy. Perry is complicated and thankfully you could see that throughout the movie. Nora was kind of a long the same lines except there is a lot more depth to her character in the book. In the movie she was pretty funny (I like the actor) and really did add something to the movie.

For The Men:

Well…Zombies. Humour. Guns. Creepy Boneys. Girls. Girls stripping down (ish)

For Women:

The beloved character ‘R’ from the book. And…Nicholas Hoult.


Overall, this movie was basically the book with minor changes, which I was pretty happy with. It was a little slow in the beginning but really picked up. The acting was pretty well done, the makeup was pretty awesome too. I enjoyed the added humour and facial expressions that ‘R’ had. There was enough action to keep me and probably all the men in the audience entertained. I liked how it really stayed true to the book


Nora: You miss him... like a boyfriend... you miss your zombie boyfriend?

M: You're very pretty.
Girl: Thanks.
M: Now you're supposed to say that I'm pretty too. 





  1. Loved this review! You totally nailed what I was thinking!!

  2. I really enjoyed the movie, still have the book sitting on my TBR shelf though.



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