Monday, 4 March 2013

February 2013

I think its kind of fitting that the month of February brought a bunch of romance novels. 
Does that mean March may bring me a lot of Leprechaun novels? That could potentially be scary.

TBR Pile Challenge= 1 this month for a total of 5/40
eBook Challenge= 9 this month for a total of 15/50
ABC Challenge= 0 This month for a total of Zilch


1. Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies #1
Isaac Marion

A pretty awesome book!

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2. Reaper's Property
Reapers MC #1
Joanna Wylde

A very hot and heavy novel it lost me along that way but I did manage to find my way back

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3. Frosted
Wendy Sparrow

Thanks again to the publisher for a review copy!
A new Jack Frost comes out in this sweet short story

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4. Rush
Breathless #1
Maya Banks

Thanks again to the publisher for the review copy!
Along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey

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5. Temping is Hell
Necessary Evils #1
Cathy Yardley

Thanks again to the publisher and author for a review copy!
A fantastic supernatural romance that focuses just the right about on romance and adventure.

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6. Barbie Girl
Baby Doll #1
Heidi Acosta

Thanks again to the author and book tour host for the review copy!
An epicly awesome book that I truly loved!

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7. One Week Girlfriend
Drew + Fable
Monica Murphy

This book blew my mind!

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8. Things I Can't Forget
Hundred Oaks #3
Miranda Kenneally

Thank you to the publisher for an ARC review copy as being apart of the Book Blog Tour!
This novel rocked just as much as the first two.

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9. Picture Perfect
Wedding by Design #1
Janice Thompson

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy!

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10. Devil of the Highlands
Devil of the Highlands #1
Lynsay Sands

I love Cullen the sexy highlander

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11. The Grimm Chronicles Vol. 1
Grimm Chronicles #1
Isabella Fonatine and Ken Brosky

Thanks to the authors for this review copy for blog tour stop.

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12. How to Entice an Earl
Ugly Ducklings #3
Manda Collins

A love Manda Collins and her characters. I need to find my dance cards!

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13. Dualed
Dualed #1
Elsie Chapman

Like The Hunger Games, but different...still awesome.

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1. Warm Bodies

Loved it.

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2. Safe Haven

Cried like a baby. Loved this romance thriller

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3. Beautiful Creatures

A little disappointed

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How Did Your February Go?


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  1. I can't wait to read Frosted!
    Happy March reading!



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