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Movie Review! 21 And Over (2013)

21 and Over
Release: March 1st 2013
Staring: Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon


Synopsis from IMDB.Com:

The night before his big medical school exam, a promising student celebrates his 21st birthday with his two best friends.


I really can’t think of something negative.


If you loved the Hangover, than you will more than likely love this movie. It’s like them in college.

If Rebel Wilson had been in this she would have made this movie the boom. But, even without her this movie still had me, and everyone else in the theater, constantly laughing. Be warned that this movie is rated R for a reason. Like The Hangover they don’t hold back on the language, or nudity.

I don’t know what else to say other than I was laugh out loud constantly. There is some funny language, a lot of sarcasm, a buffalo, a teddy bear and so much more.

Story Line:

The story line was awesome. Basically three old high school friend get together to celebrate JeffChang’s 21st b-day (I say it like that cause they never say Mike, it’s JeffChang) and all hell breaks lose. Sometimes they lose him, but for the most part he is just unconscious and they are trying to get him (they have no clue where home is). Along they way the realize how much they have lost touch and that they really don’t know each other anymore, and without JeffChang being conscious to tell them they find out a lot of crazy stuff about him.

The Characters:

Remember Willard from the new Footloose? Or maybe Miles from Project X? 

Well…Miles Teller back as Miller the fast talking sarcastic filled best friend. He made the movie for me. The stuff that comes out of him mouth is absolute beauty. Sometimes he’s serious, other times not so much. This guy could persuade anyone to do anything and I couldn’t stop loving his character.

Remember Jesse from Pitch Perfect [click for review] (probably one of my all time favourite movies because of its hilarity) played by Skylar Astin?

Yup…he’s in this movie too as Casey...they more up-tight lf the three who is constantly worried about being an adult and acting mature, but is still willing to participate in some drinking games, and do whatever it takes to get JeffChang back to his place.

So remember Eric from Twilight? 

He’s JeffChang. Although JeffChang was barely conscious for the movie when he was he was pretty freakin’ awesome. From running away wearing nothing but a teddy bear and bra, to thinking he’s Spider-Man JeffChang rounded out the movies nicely

I loved the choice of characters and I couldn’t imaging a better fit as friends and for the movie.

For Men:

Everything…Its like Van Wilder meets The Hangover, meets some older Adam Sandler movies…meets movies with Vince Vaughn in them. Plus there is random nudity, foul language, and many many minor accidents.

For Women:

The humour, the adventure, the boys on screen.


Overall this is a movie I will be buying as soon as it comes out. I can’t help it. I find it on the same level of hilarity as The Hangover and I am so happy I went on a whim to see it.


1. This is not where cars go. Cars don’t go here. Care don’t go here JeffChang”

2. Officer 1: Get down immeditately. What’s he doing? Sir!
Officer 2: Um…I think he’s getting down.
Officer 1: Yeah. I know. I see that!
Officer 2: Just saying, technically, he is doing what we asked him to do.

3. Casey: Do you know this guy?
Asian Girl: Why? Because I’m Asian? We don’t all know each other you racist…Oh wait! Yeah, I do know that guy.

4. JeffChang: Dude. I really feel alert right now. I feel like Spiderman!

5. Miller: Oh my god. Did we just kill JeffChang?

6. Casey: He is still breathing, right?
Miller: Who cares

7. Miller: I feel like shooting something. You can’t give me a gun and not expect me to shoot something.
Casey: Please don’t.
Miller: Can I kill a squirrel?

8. Casey: JeffChang’s Dad will honour kill him if we don’t get him to that interview.

9. Miller: When did this get all Bananas and Pajamas?

10. Miller: You wanna make out with me… no? Kenny you can come too. You look like a watcher.




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