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Review: The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy

Accidental Werewolf
Series:  Accidentally Friends #1
Author: Dakota Cassidy
Publisher:  Berkley Trade
Genre: Supernatural, Romance
Release Date:  Feb 5th 2008
Pages:  326
Format: ebook
Source: Purchased


Reason chosen:  

This book has been sitting on my TBR shelf for quite some time. So I randomly picked it up and read it.
Summary taken from Goodreads:

When Marty Andrews gets bitten by a mangy mutt while walking her teacup poodle, her blond hair darkens, the hair on her legs starts growing at an alarming rate, and her mood swings put her dream job as a sales rep for Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics in serious jeopardy. Then a drool-worthy man shows up at her door claiming that he accidentally bit Marty. And since he's a werewolf, she is now, too. Thinking Keegan Flaherty is clearly insane, Marty refuses to believe a word until a kidnapping makes her realize there's more at stake than just her highlights. And she must put her out-of-control life in the hands of the man who makes her blood run wild in more ways than one...


For the first couple of pages I was wondering “what kind of a novel is this?”. Colour wheels, and Bobbie-Sue? It took me a bit to get past those first couple of pages. But, thankfully I did, but this book was surprisingly better than expected. I very much so expected a bubble light read, and in some ways it was, but most of the time it was filled with emotion, drama, romance, and adventures. Obviously I need to stop judging book by their covers because this one is very misleading. I didn’t really like Marty at first because I thought she was very superficial, but when the ‘changes’ start to occur in her I started to like her. I liked her feisty attitude and desperation to grab onto anything that was normal. And then there is Keegan. Its weird but I pictured both these characters differently at first and they changed very quickly into something more appealing. With Keegan I pictures a more gentleman like figures that was a big older. I’m not sure hot explain it, but just something that wasn’t very personable and relatable. Perhaps that was how he was supposed to come off. Well that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that he changed for the better after the first chapter! I fell in love with this story and with these characters and I’ve already picked up the next book in the series.


The plot—there were some interesting twists and turns at the end that I didn’t see coming.

Marty—Definitely developed into someone I started to like

Keegan—A very appealing, heavy on the appealing, werewolf.

This is how I started picturing Keegan after the first chapter:


It was a little difficult to get past the first chapter, some of it came across boring but it was all background info.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall this story was very enjoyable and I didn’t expect it to be so good. I found it very easy to read, although I had to get past some of the boring bits in the beginning, and I never really had to re-read anything to understand it. In fact, I found myself flying through it once I really got into it. It was passionate, adventurous, and humorous all rolled into one.


Click here for some of my favourite quotes!

Next in the Series:

Viewer Type Recommendation:

If you are a lover of a supernatural romance that is actually pretty good than this is for you.

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