Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Quotes! Wait for You by J. Lynn

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read: 
Wait For You (Wait For You #1) by J. Lynn (Click title for review)

Dear sweet mother of pearl there is some profanity and mature content in these quotes. There are a lot of quotes...I just couldn't help myself, but that also means there are probably some spoilers. That was your advanced warning!

1. “I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."
"Maybe it is." He tugged on my bag again as he took a confident step back, forcing me down another step. "And just think about it. If cookie was a code word, whatever it symbolizes, it's been in your mouth, sweetheart.”

2. "You've been checking me out, haven't you? In between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.”
3. “My brain was telling me this was a bad idea and I told my brain to shut the fuck up, because it rarely told me anything helpful.”
4. “Guess what, Avery?"
"What?" I wondered if he could see how fast my heart was beating beneath my shirt.
"Remember how you just said you were having a good time?" Cam lowered his head so that our mouths were scant inches apart. "It's about to get better."
"Is it?"
He shifted his head and his nose grazed mine. "Oh, yeah."
"Are you not going to kiss me again?"
His lips tipped up. "That's exactly what I'm going to do.”

5. “I’m a shallow, shallow boy. Hey, it helps that you’re pretty. It brings out the nice guy in me. Makes me what to share my cookies with you.”

6. “We are your friends. It is the law of friendship that you tell us things you don’t want to tell us.”

7. Cam was already on his feet, waiting for me. I arched my brow at him. 
"Following me?" 
"Like a true serial killer," he replied.
8. “Avery."
"What are you up to?"
"Nothing. Everything."
"Those are two opposite things."
"I know. Kiss me?”

9. “I’m confident enough in my masculinity and sexuality that I can say that Ryan Gosling is just dreamy in this movie.”

10. “She jerked her hand back and shot me what could only be described as a 'bitch' look. Frankly, it was a fucking work of art and I was sort of jealous of that level of mastery.”

11. A sleepy smile pulled at my lips as I rolled onto my stomach, stretching my legs out and pointing my toes. The sheets slipped over my bare skin and ended up somewhere at the foot of my bed. There was either a perverted ghost in my bedroom or Cam was wide awake.

12. “You are really…”
“Amazing? Awesome?” He paused, brows raised. “Astonishing?”
“I was going to go with bizarre.”
“Well, hell, if I had feelings that might actually hurt.”

13. “Are you done dressing me like I’m your own personal Barbie?”
“Bitch, if you were my Barbie, you’d be half naked. ”

14. “I’m just not interested.”
“Do you have ovaries?” Jacob asked.
I shot him a look. “Yes.”
… “Then how are you not interested.”

15. “While the idea of taking you right now, against the wall, is enough to make me lose control, I want you to know that I’m serious. You’re not a hook up. You’re not a friend with benefits. You’re more than that to me.”
I closed my eyes, breathing heavily. “Well, that was…really sort of perfect.”
“I’m really sort of perfect … Everyone else knows that. You’re just a little slow on the uptake.”

16. "I bet you have girls hanging all over you. Dozens would probably kill to be in my spot and here I am, allergic to your bread.”
17. “Well, to be honest, I was planning to woo you with my banana nut bread, but that shit ain’t happening now. So all I have left is my delicious eggs.”
… “It’s really good, but you’re not wooing me.”
“Oh, I’m wooing … It’s all about the stealth. You don’t realize it yet.”

18. I texted back: Did you make it home?
A few minutes passed while I stared at my phone. Yeah. Fam showering me with affection. U cld learn frm them.
I think you get enough attention.
I'm needy.
Boy, don't I know that. 

19. Racing up the wide staircase, I barreled through the double doors and smacked right into a brick wall.
Stumbling backward, my arms flailed like a cracked-out crossing guard. My over-packed messenger bag slipped, pulling me to one side. My hair
flew it front of my face, a sheet of auburn that obscured everything as I teetered dangerously.
Oh dear God, I was going down. There was no stopping it. Visions of broken necks danced in my head. This was going to suck so—
Something strong and hard went around my waist, stopping my free fall. My bag hit the floor, spilling overpriced books and pens across the shiny
floor. My pens! My glorious pens rolled everywhere. A second later I was pressed against the wall.
The wall was strangely warm.
The wall chuckled.
“Whoa,” a deep voice said. “You okay, sweetheart?”

20. “Don't you want to know what cookies is a code word for?"
"No! Good God, no!”

21. “We also told her you weren't a serial killer," Brit interjected.
Cam nodded. "That's a glowing recommendation. Hey, at least he's not a serial killer. I'm going to put that on my Facebook profile.”

22. “So the next time I answer a late night booty call from Jimmie and I actually go over to his place, what will you do?”
… “Punch you in the vagina?”

23. “You know what they say about a guy who kisses a girl's ass? Literally?"
 "He knows his place?"

24. “Rules?”
He nodded as he peeled the third egg. “There’s not that many. No shutting me out. It’s just you and me and no one else.” He paused, and my heart was jumping. “And finally, you keep looking damn sexy in my shirts.”

25. “Avery has just informed us that you’ve been asking her out and she’s been saying no, and we’ve been explaining to her that she’s insane.”
“Well then.” The hard look slipped off his face, and I wanted to slide under the table. “I like this conversation.”

26. I wanted to face-plant my stuffed chicken.

27. “You’re delusional.”
“I’m determined.”
“More like annoying.”
“Most would say amazing.”
I rolled my eyes. “Only in your head.”

28. “Anything else you’re allergic to?”
“Besides penicillin and guys who bust up into my apartment? No.”
“Hardy-har-har,” he replied, dipping down as he started opening cabinets. “How many weaker, less assured guys have you slayed with that tongue of yours?”
“Apparently not enough,”

29. “Don’t you have anyone else to bother?”
“There are a shit ton of people that I could reward with my presence, but I chose you.”

30. “You’ve been asking her out?”
Cam cast me a sideway glance. “I have been, almost every day since the end of August.”
…“Since August?”
He nodded.
“And you haven’t said a word?”
“I’m sort of offended,” Cam commented.
Jacob was positively glowing. “And she compared you to Ted Bundy.”
“I hate you,” I muttered.



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