Sunday, 12 May 2013

Umm...Pardon me, but my brain is scrambled enough as it is! (Random Rant)

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while you know that I don't really talk about book blogging "Politics" and it's not because I don't agree and/or disagree with things that are said (trust me I say them out loud at my desk a lot, but keep it to myself otherwise), I just want my blog and book blogging experience to simply be that: book blogging. 

Please note that I am not discouraging or frowning upon anyone that does talk politics on their blog, on the contrary freedom of speech is a right, and that is something that books have definitely taught me and probably all of us. Besides, I subscribe to other blogs and there are many a times that I find myself fist-pumping the air because I completely agree with what another blogger has said.

I share my love of books, my reviews, my excitements, my favourite quotes, and in general just spread the word of book love on my blog.

But, there is something I need to discuss. Mainly, because I think I might be going crazy.

After a month of very ill-illnesses (yes plural, my life sucked for a moment), final assignments, exams, reading only one book (*GASP), and Spring/Summer classes starting up, I've finally gotten around to getting some of my longly over-due posts and reviews out. 

*Heads-Up-> I will be flooding your inbox tomorrow. Sorry, but its a one time thing.

After this semi-long absence/incapacitation you should see my inbox. 

It was crazy. Just crazy. I dreaded going through it. 

I was going through these and I started to think I was going complete and utterly INSANE

But, then I realized, no I am not going insane.

You're probably thinking "Get to the point", well here it is.

I think I'm being book tour, cover reveal, and book blog tour host spammed.

Anyone else out there having this issue?

I'll try and explain it to the best of my ability.

While going through my emails I came across a lot of publishing companies (mainly smaller hardly known ones) that have sent me e-mails about upcoming blog tours. 

Ok, that's not too bad. 

But, they've also sent me e-mails, saying thanks for your interest in our (insert book name here) blog tour. Here is your copy and here is your tour scheduled date.


Thanks for your interested in our cover reveal, here is the cover, please don't post before....blah, blah, blah.


So I scramble around, both on my computer and in my brain, trying to find the original e-mail that I received that has the "sign-up form attached" and low-and-behold, I can't find them, or just any info that I can remember about these events.

Then, I also have, I don't know if they are publishers or book tour hosts, that have seemed to have signed me up as a blog tour host and send me e-mails almost daily about upcoming blog tour events, and other book events. 

Crazy thing is I really only do cover reveals and book tours through maybe two-three tour hosts, and one publishing company in particular, and I know who they are. Their emails, and names are very distinct and are, in fact, in my contacts. And, I've been sick for most of April and have spent the last while catching up on stuff, so I haven't really been signing up for anything.

And want to know another kicker? I really started to catch on to what is happening when I looked into some of the books and realized that they aren't even books that I am interested in.

Then there is the fact that I'm not listed as one of their Tour Hosts. I know, not really a big giveaway but still.

But, mainly, mainly, was the fact that I am organized. Like OCD organized. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I have stuff that gets posted late, sometimes I have some major issues with blogger, sometimes I have books sitting on my shelf for months, but I am still extremely organized, the rest is just prioratization. I've kept every e-mail and communication that I've had with blog tour runners, and publishers. When I receive info about a blog tour I signed up for, or one that I am interested in I file them away in my email. If I have a blog tour stop on a tour you can bet your bottom dollar that I've already planned when I'll be reading the book and have the post completed before my blog tour stop date (sadly Blogger has kicked me below the belt before with getting out on the right date). 

I check my calendar on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis so that I know what is coming up. I have an Apple laptop and an iPhone and I use those awesome sync features like there is no tomorrow. I check e-mails and organize my calendar at work, on the bus, at school, at the gym. I shouldn't, but I do. 

So, I'm pretty sure I'm not going crazy, although that is what a crazy person would say. 

If for some reason I have actually missed a blog tour, or cover reveal that I actually did sign-up for then I am truly and utterly sorry. Please forgive me.

Tomorrow I will be sending out some e-mails to these publishers and tour hosts that I apparently signed up with inquiring about how they got my e-mail and if I did actually sign up. I will probably be requesting to have my name removed from a lot of these companies database, because I just can't keep up with this. If I've signed up to receive e-mails from you and I'm asking to be removed then, again, I'm sorry and trust me my e-mail will be completely polite and professional.

I'm going to start being very careful about the stuff I sign up for so that I don't make any mistakes, but I'm also going to be watching my mail-box very closely for the stuff that I would usually just quickly delete. It may take up some time in the beginning, but hopefully this will free up a lot of my time later, and prevent anymore head aches.

Again, to anyone out there that I did in fact miss a tour date and/or cover reveal with I am very very sorry and I plan on strengthening the relationships that I have so I can keep these great connections for the future.

But, to those spammers/scammers out there that have decided to pick my e-mail address off of my contact page and start sending me all and every update about your upcoming tours, events, or trying to freak me out by telling me I signed up for something that I didn't....


Even, to the author's out there that grab my email and then send me multiple emails about their book. Especially about purchase link updates for a book i've never agreed to promote and/or review. Not. Cool.

Inquiring if I'm interesting in reviewing your book is one thing, spamming me is a whole other ordeal. 

And finally, to those spammers/scammers out there...



  1. thanks for your reviews. there's several looking into!

  2. Glad you were on the ball enough to work this out. It helps other bloggers to know to watch out for this. I really hate spammers/scammers, too.



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