Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Top Ten Tuesday! (06.11.2013) Top Ten Beach Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

This weeks "Top Ten Tuesday" is: Top Ten Beach Reads

I've never read a book at the beach. I know, please don't hurt me. I guess I'm just a swimmer. Anyhow I am going on a vacation somewhere hot this winter and my idea of a "Beach Read" is really just bringing my KOBO and going through the books I have not read yet. However, for the purpose of this meme I though about what books I would bring if I could choose only from one's I've read.

Basically my "Beach Reads" are ones that are funny. Some are an extremely "light" read, others do have some serious parts, but overall they all have me laughing.

These are the books I would bring, and in no particular order.

1.  Alice in Zombieland
White Rabbit Chronicles #1
Gena Showalter

This book has some very funny moments. 

Check out the quotes here.
 2. Catching Jordan
Hundred Oaks #1
Miranda Kenneally

Sam Henry is friggin hilarious. 

Check out the quotes here
3. Charley Davidson Series
Darynda Jones

By far the most hilarious book I've ever read!

Check out the quotes here
4. The Ghost and the Goth Series
Stacey Kade

There was some serious moments, but there were also a few funny ones. Overall I could dub it a "light" read.

Check out the quotes here.
 5. Married with Zombies
Living With The Dead #1
Jesse Petersen

The chapter titles and advice quotes are hilarious. 

Check out the quotes here.
 6. Lux series
Jennifer L. Armentrout

There are definitely some serious moments, but the things that run through Katty's mind, and the things that come out of my Daemon's mouth made me smile and giggle. 

Check out the quotes here.
 7. The Stephanie Plum series
Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is funny. Then you add in Lula and Morelli and its the best kind of funny salad you can get.

 8. The Mediator Series
Meg Cabot

Suze is a real work of art. I mean that literally. She is awesome in my opinion and my personalty has probably changed a little to reflect hers. She's funny, and independent. 

9. Wallbanger
Alice Clayton

Not only is this book hot, but it is extremely hilarious! It's right up there with The Charley Davidson series. The things they say and think would put anyone else to shame.

Check out the quotes here
10. Beauty Queens
Libba Bray

I'm not a big fan of Libba Bray's contemporary work, but this book had me slapping my thigh. It basically makes fun of all the stuff we value in North American society, but these Beauty Queens are just Bat-S&%$ crazy. I love it.

What are your Top Ten Beach Reads?


  1. You did well! When I think of summer, I think of Janet Evanovich!

    Here's my list of Best Beach Reads!

  2. Great list! Happy reading:)

    My TTT:

  3. Catching Jordan is such a good pick! :)

  4. Great list... all of these are on my TBR list. :)

    My TTT

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

  5. I totally agree with your list! I loved Alice in Zombieland too! :D

  6. you've got a great list of books!! excellent! i just made my list too!



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