Sunday, 21 July 2013

I am obsessed...the first step is admitting it right? But, I don't plan on changing.

About Catching Fire and my giddiness for it.

To say I'm excited would be a lie. I am beyond excited.

Ridiculously delirious comes to mind.

The wonder world of Panem is coming back to us in November. 

Now, one of the reasons I could be so happy is because I just studied The Hunger Games in class. 

I know. I studied the Hunger Games. 

There are so many thing about the Hunger Games you can learn. Like the fact that Katniss is a representation of the Goddess Artemis/Diana. 

Anyhow, yesterday I shared the new trailer of Catching Fire on Facebook and I have to extend to the blog for everyone to see.

To here it is:

Is there anyone else freaking out?

I've also decided to randomly share some stuff I've stumbled and shaved to my computer.

Some of these may or may not be my background for my computer and/or phone.

I'm pretty sure you can click on any image to enlarge and save for yourself. A simple googol search will bring up more, but this is just what I kept form myself. Tehehe.




  1. I'm so excited! I had no idea that Katniss represents a Greek goddess. What else did you learn?

    1. Oh there is so much! There is a lot of Greek and Roman references. The arena are like the Olympics and the days of Gladiators where they battled to the death for the entertainment of the people. Also the gamemakers are the "Gods" as they control their environment while in the arena. And there is so much more!



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