Monday, 15 July 2013

Quotes! Frigid by J.Lynn/ Jennifer L. Armentrout

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read:
Frigid (Frigid #1) by J. Lynn (Click title for review)

There may be some profanity and/or spoilers.

1. If I fall and break my neck, will you say something nice at my funeral? Like ‘Kyler was usually more graceful?’”

2. We walk-or shuffled along-about a yard and then I walked straight into a mailbox. I grunted. “Son of a bitch jumped right out in front of me!”
Kyler stopped, shaking his head. “You are a hazard to yourself right now.”
“I’m fine.” I waved him off, edging around the tricky inanimate object as I shot it a dark look. “I’m watching you.”

3. Before i knew what she was doing, she cupped my cheeks with trembling hands. Okay. This was good. This was heading somewhere I’d- “I want to strangle you,” she said, her voice hoarse. All right, that wasn’t good. Not at all.

4. “I’ll get us both home in one piece and keep us far away from ninja mailboxes.”

5. “Other than the fact you should wear a sign that says ‘interact with at your own risk?’ no. Nothing at all wrong with you, sweetheart.”
“Oh, shut the hell up.”

6. “Kyler hasn’t been here once since you got home. That boy practically lives in this house when you’re home from school. And not once has he stopped by, and that is like the sign of the apocalypse.

7. “Guys are totally stupid when it comes to unrequited love. We females pine away and keep our thighs closed for the most part when we love someone we can’t have. Guys swing their shit around at anything that has a hole, trying to forget the one they want.” 

8. “How much snow are they calling for?” 
“Somewhere between a lot and holy fuck.”

9. “Nice boxer shorts. Did your mom get them for you?”
“No. Your mom did.” 

10. Kyler half-jumped half-threw himself toward my open window. I was wussy. Closing my eyes, I balled my hands up near my chest and let out a little shriek. There was a sound of flesh hitting wood and my eyes flew open. He came through the open window, landing on his feet like a damn cat. He stumbled though and banged into my desk, causing books and my computer to shake.
He held his hands out to his sides and looked around slowly before his gaze settled on me. “I am awesome.” I could barely breathe. 
“Yeah.” A knock sounded on my bedroom door a second before it opened. Dad popped his head in, eyes wide. 
“I’m just making sure he made it up here alive.” 
I nodded and Kyler flashed a grin. “I’m in one piece.” 
“That’s good to see.” Dad started to close the door, but stopped. “Next time, use the front door, Kyler.” 
“Yes, sir,” Kyler said.

11. “You’re weird.” 
“I know.” I lifted my head so my chin rested on his chest. “But you love me?” 
His lips tipped up at the corners. “I love you as much as a kid loves Santa.” 
I laughed. “That’s serious.” 
“Hardcore,” he murmured.” 

12. “You’re standing by yourself talking about tits?” Kyler asked from behind me. 
I gave a little shriek and spun around. “God…” 
A sexy half-grin appeared. “I need to keep a better eye on you, if that’s what you talk about when you’re alone.”

13. My brows rose. “You want your jeans off?” She pressed her cheek against my chest and tapped my leg once. I guessed that was drunk Morse code for yes.


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