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Review, Giveaway, Except, and Blog Tour Stop: Losing Virginity by Ava Michaels

Losing Virginity
Author: Ava Michaels
Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date:  Sept 19th 2013
Format: ebook
Source: A Copy was provided by the publisher for review
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Reason chosen:  

I was asked to review the novel and be apart of the blog tour, when I read the summary I accept as it sounded interesting.

Summary taken from Goodreads:


Olivia Spurgeon has been a good girl her entire life. Her friends have called her Spurgeon the Virgin since 9th grade. Why? Because everyone in her group of friends had already lost there virginity by then. Over the past four years it has been like a foreign object attached to her and even named it something simple. 


Now, she's a freshman in college and still hasn't done the deed. All three of her roommates do not have Virginity attached to them and they aren't scared to show it off. Olivia is jealous. She wants what they are having, feeling. One day she finally decides that she doesn't want Virginity attached to her anymore and begins the journey of losing it.


This book fell short of my expectations. I kept reading it because I though that it would get better, but I felt it got worse near the end. In fact, the book wasn’t all that bad in the beginning, but it really took a turn at the end. I felt got the impression that this book was going to be another humourous New Adult novel that would probably leave me smiling, but things started to get to me. The main character uses language that sounds like a mixture of adult and kinder garden talk. A little bite of this would be perfectly fine, but there is a lot and some of it is just down right useless. I find that things like “Jesus Penus” and other terms just didn’t work for me. Secondly the characters didn’t feel like they fit. The main character seemed a little brash at first, the main guy was actually pretty cool, but the roomies were weird. One went from being a virgin to having sex with as many guys as possible in a matter of days. Also the main guy...he was awesome, but he was barely in the book for the first half, and I knew that he was going to be the “main guy” so it was bothering me that we never really get to know him. But it was the ending that didn’t sell me on this book. I found that Olivia gives up on her relationship really fast...twice. She doesn’t bother letting him talk to her or explain and she just walks away until he does a big grand gesture. It made me feel like she wasn’t invested in the relationship. All of that aside there were some funny moments. The beginning was pretty entertaining and some of the scenarios were pretty good as well. 


Some funny moments and a pretty cool lead male character.

The romance. The intimate scenes and romantic moments were actually really well done and probably the best parts of the novel. 


A lot of the story aspects just didn’t do it for me. They made it so that I couldn’t take the story seriously or let alone enjoy it. 

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall, the story has potential. It seems to follow a lot of stereotypes of the New Adult genre like extremely sexually active roommates, guys that seem like lady-killers that turn out to be good guys, and funny quirky female leads that are virgins. It didn’t really hit the spot for me and the ending was very anti-climactic for my liking. The writing was well done and easy to follow, especially for an ARC version, but I felt more work could have went into making this novel more solid and relatable.

Viewer Type Recommendation:

I can’t say I would recommend this to many people, but if you can overlook some plot flaws and character flaws, and are looking to enjoy some New Adult Romance then this could be for you.

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Read Completely: 

Author Info:

I'm an LA girl who lives in San Francisco. I'm currently working a 9 to 5 job but decided to write my own book in January 2013 instead of watching television. My new years resolution. I'm glad that I've finally ready to release it after 8 months of working on it! 

Twitter: @AvaEMichaels

This book was provided courtesy of the author/publisher for review; however, this is no way affected my review.

Excerpt #1

I set my cup to the side and leaned in to him. I gently kissed his lips that were sweet from the wine. My mind had shut off. There were no tumultuous thoughts or conflicting emotions like there had been last night. I was completely in the moment with him. Alone with him. 
I gently pulled back from him and looked seriously into his eyes. I studied his face, and his hair, touching them gently as if they were made of porcelain. I leaned back in to kiss his neck and breathe no words but just my desire into his ear. His arms tightened around my waist and he pulled his breath in quickly as he pulled me on top of him. I was nervous. My body seemed to know what it wanted. My hands grasped his hair as our lips met. I felt myself pull closer and closer to him, my hips grinding gently against his.  In one motion I sat up, still straddling him and pulled the top of my dress down to expose my breasts. I didnít feel self-conscious or awkward. I felt excited and confident and I wanted him to feel that way too. He unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his perfectly defined chest. I leaned back down and felt all the blood in my body race as the warmth of our bodies connected. 
As we kissed, I reached down and, a little clumsily, unbuttoned his pants and gently pulled the zipper down. This was it. I was ready. I wanted to lose my virginity here, with this man, right now. It wasnít the alcohol. It was him, Ryder Dawson. He was the man worthy enough. 
"Are you sure?" he asked.

Excerpt #2

Victorian women had a complex system of sending courtship signals with their fans. If she was available, she would fan quicker, and if she was taken she would fan slower. If her fan rested on her left cheek, then she was not that into you. If it was on her right cheek then you were in. Whoever got rid of the fan thing? That sounded great to me! I've been borrowing my courtship rituals from Victorian England and sending the slightest, tiniest, most miniscule signals to guys that I was interested. I was assuming that boys could understand a complex system of unspoken language. It wasnít me after all. It was them! 
I needed to be more obvious about my signals, it was as simple as that. 
In Finland, girls who were ready to marry would wear an empty sheath around their waists. When a guy wanted to date the girl, he would either make or buy a knife and put it in her sheath.
Tell me it doesn't get any more obvious than that. Maybe I should just walk up to the next boy I want wearing a sheath. Would he get it then? Somehow I doubted it.
If the woman wasn't interested in the man, she would give the knife back, but if she wanted to marry him she would keep it. Women in those cooler climates always carried knives around. 
I resolved that I was going to drop the fan and go for the knife. It's time I made a sheath.

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