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Blog Tour Stop, Review, and Giveaway: The Only One by Magan Vernon

The Only One
Series:  Magan Vernon
Author: Companion to The Only Expection
Publisher: Beautifully Broken Books
Genre:  New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Release Date:  October 10th 2013
Pages:  302
Format: ebook
Source: A copy was provided for the blog tour!
View/Purchase:  Goodreads | Chapters/ | Amazon | B&N

Reason chosen:  

Because I loved The Only Exception

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Sweet and sexy!! Loved it! This is the type of story you read again and again- #1 New York Times best selling author Rachel Van Dyken 

Honor student, manager at the campus coffee shop, owner of an impressive sweater collection – Melanie Wilder has it all together. Then John “John Boy” Walden strolls into her life wearing nothing more than an impish grin and all-too-revealing loin cloth.

Soon, make-out sessions replace homework, lust triumphs over work. And to further crumble her perfect world, an unexpected phone call threatens to take away everything she’s worked for. 

Now, as Melanie struggles to pick up the pieces, she realizes that John may be the only one to put her life back together…unless he shatters it first.

**This is not a sequel to The Only Exception. It's a companion novel with two characters from the first book. You don't need to read The Only Exception to understand this book.**


Mel has patience of steel!
So I’m not 100% sure how I felt about Mel. Did she bother me sometimes? Yeah, she did. Did I want to slap some sense into her? Yuppers. Do I love John Boy? Yes, of course. Did I want to punch him sometimes? Yup. Did I want to rip that loin cloth right off of him? Most definitely.
But, hey that’s just Magan Vernon and her awesome plot, writing style, and characters. This is the same author who wants to write Caveman erotica…and I’d probably read it. I really enjoyed The Only Exception and I like it when series continue on with different characters of the same world and setting. But, John Boy was a whole new level for me. He is sex on a stick and I have no clue how Mel cold handle it. There was some serious things and events that come up in Mel’s life, and I’m not gonna lie—It got me thinking. Magan Vernon manages to bring up serious subjects and mixes it with sexy men…in loin clothes. I can’t deny that I would immediately run to any party that John Boy is in attendance of. Damn, I just got side-tracked by John Boy again. That’s bound to happen. Anyhow, Mel has to get her life together and learn about the things that are important in life, but she stuck with her old habits and afraid because of her past. Luckily she has John Boy around, as well as some familiar faces, to help her get on track! Oh, and did I mention that this boy has a tattoo that references a major children’s novel? That is my kind of guy.


John Boy- Because he’s John Boy

Mel- She kind of reminds me of…me. All focus on school and some lack of partying during our college years.


John Boy’s loin cloth- Because it stayed in place. 

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall the story was emotional and an awesome read. The opening scene is pretty gripping and from there I couldn’t put it down. The story was easy to follow and I never had to stop and re-read unless it was the Halloween Party scene…then I just liked to read about John Boy in a loin cloth. The book was seductive in multiple ways, just like all of Magan Vernon’s characters are, and if she wishes to write more stories with these characters or in this world…I wouldn’t oppose at all. 


Click here for some of my favourite quotes!

Viewer Type Recommendation:

If you love a good emotional, while also being oh-so-sexy New Adult read then this is for you.

If you liked this you'll probably love:

Say When by Tara West, Be My Downfall by Lyla Payne, 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore, A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers, Lost & Found by Nicole Williams, Crash series by Nicole Williams, Frigid by J. Lynn, Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Drew + Fable series by Monica Murphy, Wait For You by J.Lynn, The Only Exception by Magan Vernon, The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen, Barbie Girl by Heidi Acosta, Losing It by Cora Carmack, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Read Completely: 

Author Info:

Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. When not writing she spends her time fighting over fake boyfriends via social media. 

Author Website/Blog:
Twitter: @MaganVernon
Facebook: ,

This book was provided courtesy of the author/publisher for review; however, this is no way affected my review.


At around six, a knock came at my door, but I was putting on the last of my lip gloss so I just yelled, “come in!”
I fluffed my hair one last time, all the while expecting him to open the door, but nothing happened. Maybe it wasn’t John?
Confused, I walked to the door and opened it. He stood there with that lopsided grin on his face looking every bit of yummy in a black NorthFace jacket and faded jeans. I thought only teen girls wore NorthFace jackets, but the way it hugged John’s biceps made it look way too good to ever be worn by some girl with braces at a Justin Bieber concert.
“I yelled for you to come in. Didn’t you hear me?” I raised an eyebrow.
“I told you, Red, I’m trying to do this the right way. I was waiting for you to answer the door like normal people do on a first date.”
I couldn’t help but smile. “Since when has anything we’ve done been normal? This is probably one of the most effed up relationships or friendships or whatever this is.”
He crossed the threshold and put his hands on my shoulders and then slowly slid them down until he laced our fingers together. “Maybe normal is overrated, but I thought we could at least try this and see how it goes. It couldn’t hurt, right?”
“I guess you’re right.” I ran my thumb along his. “Does this mean you brought me flowers and chocolate?”
“D’oh” He tilted his head back and made a lemon face. “No.” He looked back down at me with the smile returning to his face. “Sorry, I fail at being a good first date.”
“I guess I can forgive you. This time.” I leaned up on my tippy toes to kiss him, but he backed away. Did my breath smell bad? I brushed my teeth twice.
“Whoa, no kissing on the first date. Well, at least not the first minute of the first date.”
I rolled my eyes. “Seriously? We’re going to go that far?”
“Yep.” He let go of one of my hands and opened the door. “But if you play your cards right you may get one later.”

Magan is giving away a necklace, edited “chapter 14”, and a coverflat with the playlist, handwritten. 

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Quotes! The Only One by Magan Vernon

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read:
The Only One by Magan Vernon (Click title for review)

Potential Spoilers, and sexual content!

1. “Maybe you should just take it off up in my room and I can help you get dry.” He leaned in, his full lips right on my ear. “Or make you wetter.” 

2. “It’s always been you and me, Red. Even before we were us. You’ve always had the control in this relationship. Some things may distract us, but I’ll always come back to you” 

3. “Now let’s go back to your place and bake shit and watch Harry Potter.”

4. “Watch it, loincloth, I’m not afraid to spork your eyes out.”

5. “I don’t want any other girl.” He shook his head and took a step closer, cupping my face in his hands. “I belong with you and you belong with me.”

6. “I’m a fan of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Brunette and doesn’t mind a guy that’s an animal? Hell yeah.”

7. “I’m glad you feel that way.” His breath tickled my jaw line before he ran his tongue along it. “But I’m sorry about your back.”
“What about my back?” I murmured, lost in the trance of where his tongue was going to go next.
He shoved my back against the mattress, pulling my arms above my head before he crawled on top of me, straddling my hips. “I’m sorry that it might be sore in the morning.”

8. “I want to be your knight in shining armor.”


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Blog Tour Stop: Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Pure Day)

Check out other stops on the tour here

What am I reading right now?
I'm reading...

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Covenant #2

There is need. And then there is Fate. 

Being destined to become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet isn't exactly awesome--especially when Alexandria's "other half" is everywhere she goes. Seth's in her training room, outside her classes, and keeps showing up in her bedroom--so not cool. Their connection does have some benefits, like staving off her nightmares of the tragic showdown with her mother, but it has no effect on what Alex feels for the forbidden, pure-blooded Aiden. Or what he will do--and sacrifice--for her. When daimons infiltrate the Covenants and attack students, the gods send furies--lesser gods determined to eradicate any threat to the Covenants and to the gods, and that includes the Apollyon--and Alex. And if that and hordes of aether-sucking monsters didn't blow bad enough, a mysterious threat seems willing to do anything to neutralize Seth, even if that means forcing Alex into servitude--or killing her. When the gods are involved, some decisions can never, ever be undone

I feel in love with Half-Blood (click for review) and to be honest I'm kind of appalled that it took me so long to get to the second book in the series. But, I'm a little happy that I did. Here's why:

Sentinel is being released in a few days! Why does that make me happy? Well Sentinel is the last novel in the series, and for the love of all things written I live for reading a completed series. Now, I can sit down and read them all one after another.

And, if you've followed me and read some of my reviews you will know that I have made love for Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn and all her written glory. 

Here's some more info on her:

Author bio:

# 1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Lives in West Virginia.

All the rumors you heard about her state aren’t true.

Well, mostly. When she's not hard at work writing, she spends her time, reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write.

She is the author of the Covenant Series (Spencer Hill Press), the Lux Series (Entangled Teen), Don't Look Back (Disney/Hyperion) and a yet untitled novel (Disney/Hyperion), and new YA paranormal series with Harlequin Teen.

Jennifer also writes New Adult and Adult romance under the pen name J. Lynn. The Gamble Brothers Series (Tempting the Best Man/Tempting the Player) and Wait for You. Under her pen name, she is published with Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.



Mini interview from JLA for Pure:
For JLA – Pure has been called Seth’s book.  Did fans reaction to Seth surprise you?  
I wasn’t really surprised by the reaction to Pure because I knew that the book focused more on Seth than Aiden.

For Alex -  Knowing what you know about Leon, do you think there was more to him being the one to find you in labyrinth?  
Oh, I’m sure there was more to it.

For Aiden -  By far, the zoo was the best scene in Pure.  What did you enjoy most about being at the zoo with Alex?  
I loved knowing that I was doing something for her that made her happy. 

For Seth – That whole sleeping issue that you and Alex have in Pure, did you realize what was up or were you just going with it?  
I would’ve just gone with it.  But, truth?  I knew what was up.

Spencer Hill Press is giving away a $200 gift card to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Book Depository or any indie bookstore of the winner's choice to not only stock up on amazing books, but to perhaps buy a Nook HD or Kindle Fire. 

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Review: Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

Endless Knight
Series: Arcana Chronicles #2 
Author: Kresley Cole
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre:  YA, Romance, Dystopian, Fantasy, Supernatural
Release Date:  Oct 1st 2013
Pages:  335
Format: Hardcover (signed edition)
Source: A copy was provided by the author for review!
View/Purchase:  Goodreads | Chapters/ | Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository

Reason chosen:  

I was contacted by the author’s assistant about reviewing the book and I basically cried with Joy, because I would have read this bad boy no matter what!

Summary taken from Goodreads:

In this seductive follow-up to Poison Princess, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole takes us deeper into the dark world of the Arcana Chronicles.

Shocking Secrets

Evie has fully come into her powers as the Tarot Empress, and Jack was there to see it all. She now knows that the teens who've been reincarnated as the Tarot are in the throes of an epic battle. It's kill or be killed, and the future of mankind hangs in the balance.

Unexpected Allies

With threats lurking around every corner, Evie is forced to trust her newfound alliance. Together they must fight not only other Arcana, but also Bagmen zombies, post-apocalyptic storms, and cannibals.

Gut-Wrenching Treachery

When Evie meets Death, things get even more complicated. Though falling for Jack, she's drawn to the dangerous Endless Knight as well. Somehow the Empress and Death share a history, one that Evie can't remember—but Death can't forget.


O_0 ...
What a freaking ending!!!!
You know what I did when I finished this book? I stared at it angrily. Why? Because this book left me in torment. Much like Death is in torment. Much like Jack is in torment. Like everyone in this books is in torment! My torment? I have to wait (only Kresley Cole) knows how long for the next one...and that makes me angry. This book was amazing. The first one was amazing, so of course it would be. I'll admit I had my doubts. You see in the first book I fell in love with a Cajun. I fell in love hard! And I thought how? How could this be replicated? How could I possible love the second book as much as the first? Just how? 
I now firmly pull my foot from my mouth, because Endless Knight is how. It blew my mind. Here I was thinking one way about a character and the story, and the world gets turned upside down. I don't know if I can explain it to you without ruining, but I will say this:
He is vicious and so much else. Heavy on the friggin’ else. I am actually and utterly confused. I have no clue what lies in Evie's future. I have no clue what choices she should make and when I try and ponder her predicament I feel like I need to see a shrink cause I have no clue how I would continue this story and I have no clue how Kresley Cole will. All I know is I'm craving a Cajun and the third novel in this series STAT!


Jack- Because he’s Jack. 

Evie- Because she is so complicated and torn

Death-Because he’s Death, and so very-much like Jack. Which is something I realized this very second. 

Matthew- He is confusing. 

All the Arcana- Because they are all awesome in their own way.


The fact that the book came to an end.

Overall (Writing style, story line, and general):

Overall this book was mind-blowing. It has left me with a reading high and I can’t wait for the next in the series! Kresley Cole has left me dumbfounded and not sure what to think aside from knowing that I want more.Although its somewhat hard to keep track of all the Arcana’s and their present and past selves I was still able to keep up with the book and never really had to re-read anything. Actually Kresley Cole was nice enough to include a written list about a quarter way through with every persons name and their card making it easy for me to refer back to. I am absolutely emerged in this dystopian world where the cards pasts reflect their future and affect their lives. I want to make a call that Jack is going to be the card that doesn’t know they are a card until they kill an Arcana, but that seems a little too easy, so I’ll just keep it in my back pocket for now and come back to it later. The kind of fantasy that Kresley Cole is use to writing is sometimes out of my comfort zone, but this series makes me want to break that comfort zone time and time again as long as i get to spend some time with Evie, Death, and especially..Jack.  


Click here for some of my favourite quotes!

Previously In the Series:

Poison Princess (#1) ->Click for review

Next in the Series:

Not announced as of yet

Viewer Type Recommendation:

If you love an apocalyptic romance, with zombies, teens, and fortold futures where said teens are responsible for the saving or destruction of the world, than this is the book for you. If its not…pick it up anyhow and give it a try.

If you liked this you'll probably love:

Divergent series by Veronica Roth, Unraveling series by Elizabeth Norris, White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter, Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs, Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, Dualed by Elsie Chapman, The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, DemonTrapper series by Jana Oliver, Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Struck by Jennifer Bosworth, Providence series by Jamie McGuire, Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers, Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick

Read Completely: 


Author Info:

Author Website/Blog:,
Twitter: @kresleycole

This book was provided courtesy of the author/publisher for review; however, this is no way affected my review.

Quotes! Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read:
Endless Knight (Aracana Chronicles #2) by Kresley Cole (Click title for review)

There may be spoilers...maybe.

1. “I desired you before, but I never loved you until this life.”

2. “Can’t help the way I was raised—anything supernatural is supposed to be either a miracle or satanic."
I rolled my eyes. “And you’re still trying to figure out which I am?”
"Non. I’m trying to figure out if I’m still Catholic.” He grinned that heart-stopping grin. 

3. “The hour grows late."
"Late? So? Do you have to be on Ash Campus early tomorrow? At the University of Nothing Matters?”

4. “The first priest I find, I'm goan to marry you. I'm all in, peekon.”

5. There was French kissing, and then there was Cajun French kissing. Spicier, harder, wilder.

6. “Just because you're a gutless harlot doesn't mean I won't find your... attributes attractive. I might be immortal, but I'm still a red-blooded male.”
"Harlot? Who talks like that? Father Time, meet the Flinstones.”

7. “Now, hush. We do best when we doan talk.” 

8. “Death wants to gank me. Must be Tuesday.” 

9. “Cannibals need love too.” 

10. How hard could it be to boil bathwater? I’d watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie once. Ergo: Let’s do this bitch.

11. “You spring this shit on me, then within days you expect me to get over the fact that my girlfriend ain’t exactly human!”
I didn’t know what bewildered me more—the girlfriend or the human part.

12. “You wanna know what I’m feeling? Lemme tell you, bebe. Amusement. You’re acting like we got some kind of choice in this matter. You’re just as screwed as I am—because we’re both too far gone for the other.”

13. “You smell like honeysuckle. You likin’ old Jack now?”
“I never stopped liking you. Even when you were warding me away with the power of Catholicism.”

14. “I meant what I said about you not being human.”
Just when I was about to flare, he’d said, “Evie, that ass of yours—um, um, UM! C’est surhumain.” It’s superhuman.

15. I cupped his face. “We could die tonight.”
Jack grinned down at me. “Now, hold on, Evie. You doan have to pull the last-night-on-earth con with me. I’m a sure thing.”
I grinned back. “So am I.”

16. Face beaming, Finn turned to Lark, words leaving his mouth in a rush: “I’m hooked on you like phonics.”


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