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Random Rant: Book Politics, and This whole Lynn Sheperd and her "If JK Rowling Cares About Writing, She Should Stop Doing It" thing.

So...I don't know if you guys have ever really noticed, but I'm not really much for "book politics". My Random Rants range from talking about playing Tetris with my book shelf to my belief that Mr. Darcy was the first real 'bad boy' of literature.

But 'book politics' happen.

I subscribe to a lot of book blogs and I get tones of feed emails everyday with new posts to all the blogs I follow, and every once and a while I come across a post that I think of as 'political'. You know, when someone vents about..anything. I'm not even sure if this is really making sense, but i'm going to keep going anyhow and hopefully you guys will understand what I mean. The posts have been about someone accusing them of stealing their Meme, to people ranting about other bloggers that have copy-righted other bloggers work. Or, that one guy that accused bloggers of accepting a free copy of his book and never reviewing it, which  from what I've heard cause an innocent and well-lover blogger to close down her blog because she was sick of the drama. There was the author that straight-up copy-righted Jamie McGuire, and other well-known authors, works and tried to pass it off as their own, even getting bloggers to review it (which is how the plagiarism was discovered in the first place). It can even be the posts about how tough it is in the blogging world, or people's love and hate for certain genres. All of those are what I consider 'book politics', and generally I stay away from mentioning them on My Not So Vacant Shelf. 

And, its not that I don't agree with them...cause I usually do. In fact, I've been occasionally known to fist pump the air in support after reading their posts in support of their cause. I've even gone as far as commenting and being like "Yeah! You go girl". I've never actually commented that exactly, but get the idea. 

I'm a semi-silent supporter. 

And, I'm probably going to stay that way. 

Don't get my wrong there will be the odd post (like this one), but they will probably be rare.
Why? Because I joined the blogging community to blog about books, to discuss them, and give my honest opinion about them. I mean...isn't that the point? I didn't join for anything else. 

I never expected to get free books (which I don't really get that many of and even have to turn some down sometimes because I really just don't have time). 

I didn't joined to have 1000+ followers (which I don't). 

And I didn't join for any of the other random and sometimes silly reasons that others have and do join for. (Sorry, but some people do).

I joined because,

Dear Lord Almighty...I friggin' love reading.

I joined to be apart of a community so that when I see images like these:

I know there is someone else out there who gets it. Who looks at them and laughs, smiles, or shakes there head in acknowledgement. 

I bet that a lot of you are shaking your head right now...'cause you get it. 

I joined for the love of the books. 

But, again, don't think that means I'm against 'book politics' 'cause I'm not. Everyone has the right to their own know freedom of speech and all. And, some of the topics that they discuss are important and impacting to the literary world, and therefore the lovers of books (us). 

But, I've decided to just stick with the books.

However, there is one topic that I just couldn't stop myself from commenting on.

And here is my background story to it.

I'm an English major at Nipissing University. I know, I know, you probably wouldn't believe me based off some of the random mistakes throughout my posts. Sorry I hate proofreading especially if I don't have to. 

Anyhow, to the point! 

Sometimes people make me feel like I should be walking around with a copy of Jane Austen  snuggled under my arm. Instead of Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

I'm serious. And it really gets to me.

I have this one class where people sometimes discuss their favourite authors and everyone is like Palahniuk this, and Atwood that (I'll admit right away I've read both). And I've brought up Sarah Dessen or C.S. Lewis once and I just get these weird looks. And the funny thing is...I usually get these looks from non-English majors.

You see all the other English majors...they get it. They've analyzed C.S. Lewis, and Rowling right along side me these past four years, and they are the ones that go to the movie with me opening night to see how well they're interpreted the works.

I've actually had a really close relative look at me weird when they saw me reading Alice in Zombieland by Kresely Cole. Followed up with "You're an English major what are you reading that for?". I wanted to slap them in the face. 

But, I didn't.

I've had a different family member say that as an English major I shouldn't like Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, because they (this family member) felt it was crap. 

It really gets to me that anyone thinks they can set a precedence for what I can and can not read. For what I can and can not enjoy. 

Now a days people should just be damn happy when they see someone they know reading. Seriously, a lot of people I know and come across don't read books at all. But hey, that's their choice. I just feel like they're missing out sometimes. 

Anyhow, my rant came about because of an online article written by Lynn Sheperd titled, "If JK Rowling Cares About Writing, She Should Stop Doing It". 

In this article Sheperd basically bashes Rowling to stepping into a new genre with her writing after Harry Potter. I personally think she's jealous and trying to get publicity by start a sort of fight and getting some notice. I think if Rowling is a good writer in both genre then congrats to her, and her writing will speak for itself. is Sheperd is a good writer in her genre then her writing will speak for it self as well. I'll never know because after this I won't be reading her works. She comes across as a very close-minded person.

Now, messing with Rowling is something that makes me angry all on its own, but it was something else that she said that really got me rilled up. 

And here is my rant:

I am a reader. 

And yes I am an adult. 

And yes I read children's novel, and young adult novels. 

But, hey I also read and have read works by Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Nicolas Sparks, H.G. Wells, Neil Gaiman, Harper Lee, Stoker, both Shelleys, Charles Dickens, Tolkien, Palahniuk, Cormac McCarthy, Twain, and yes even some adult novels (you know the ones I mean). 

And no one should ever think they should be able to dictate what I read. 

Why am I saying this? 

Well there is an author out there who is bashing J.K. Rowling, and that right there makes me want to throw down the gloves, but hey people have opinions and they're allowed to be shared, some people are just jealous, and sometimes people have good points; however what REALLY PISSED ME OFF was when she said "it's a shame" that adults read her series because "there's so many other books out there that are surely more stimulating for grown-up minds", after she says she's never read anything Rowling has written. 

Last time I checked some books are just for fun. 

But hey, maybe if she read them she would see there is more to them. 

In fact there is enough in them that 'stimulates' adult brains in three University courses that I've taken so far. One of them, on children's literature. 

If she wants to vent about J.K. Rowling being a writer that writes well in multiple genres and therefore makes it hard for her to get noticed, then thats fine. But, don't. And I mean don't ever think you have the right to say that it's a shame I and millions of others (probably hundreds of thousands of them adults) enjoy reading children's novels. 

Because, aside from making me a bit upset, and make me think you're a little close minded, I pity you. Because you either have never read a children's novel or you simply don't get it. 

And really...that's a shame.

End of Rant. 

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  1. I agree! (I'm also a semi-silent supporter and commenter. ;) ) Ms. Sheperd's post just ticked me off. I'm with you, we should be happy that people are reading!!! Who cares if it is a children's book, YA, NA, literary fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, etc. Just so long as they are reading. (I'm an adult who found HP very stimulating. I re-read it often.) I think Ms. Sheperd is jealous and trying to get noticed. I think that plan backfired . . . sure, she is getting noticed but not in a good way.

    Great post!!!

  2. I totally agree! I'm yet another silent supporter but I'm glad there are readers out there that are backing J.K. Rowling up. I started reading that series with my daughter. At the time she didn't want to read and didn't like to read. That was our first real series together. Now she's 22 and we still talk about the books and movies. If that doesn't say SOMETHING then I don't know what does.

    If that author is afraid that we're not reading her books, well she just sealed her own coffin because it'll be a cold day in hell before I pick them up now!

    Thanks for writing this. Ohhh and I loved all the gifs! Just love!



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