Saturday, 26 April 2014

New Adult and I…we’re fighting. Don’t worry we’re trying to work it out. Our relationship in a nutshell.

So…New Adult. 
First, it should be noted that New Adult doesn’t always involve the smexy stuff. But, since its been blowing up the book world the majority of readers believe that New Adult= young adults 18-25s having some smexy moments + drama. As a result, that’s exactly what authors have been publishing and the majority of New Adult books now have these ingredients. 
And for the purposes of this rant those are the books I’m referring to when I saw New Adult. 

So, lets start from the beginning. 

I was introduced to New Adult when I first read Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire, and from what I've heard that’s how a lot of other readers and bloggers have been introduced to the genre. Walking Disaster blew my mind. I still recommend it to everyone that I come across. 

And then there was Stray by Rachel Vincent, and yes I consider that New Adult. 

All was coming along well. I was thoroughly enjoying New Adult. I was reading Losing It by Cora Carmack, 12 Rounds by Lauren Hammond, some Nicole Williams, a little Monica Murphy, Jessica Sorensen, J . Lynn/Jennifer L. Armentrout, and many many more.

I recommended the genre to all my friends (still do sometimes). Even though when I talked about the books and the genre I never did it justice and always felt a little…

(Because you're talking about the smexy stuff in public)

But, then something happened. Things were changing. I’m not sure if it was myself or the books. I think maybe a little of both. I know it was a little of both.

EVERYONE started writing New Adult. And, I’ve said this before, and sadly it’s true, anyone and their grandmother can write a novel these days (that is something I will be addressing in another post later on). Now, I’m not just talking about authors who wrote for one genre branching out into another. I mean people who had never written a novel before decided to jump on the bandwagon. For some it was probably the best decision they have ever made, and some have even produced some seriously awesome pieces of work. Congrats to all of them. But, some…fell a little short. Others fell even further.

Bad storylines were, and still are, coming from left, right and centre. Annoying and badly shaped characters covered the pages. Seriously underdeveloped relationship were being produced. Things like details were being removed from the text to be filled with lust and emotion. 

And…works were being published without being edited. Or even reviewed by someone else. (Usually these are indie authors, but I’ve come across authors published through a company that had this issue as well). In a sense…they were being rushed. 

And then…there are the characteristics that I’ve seem to come across in New Adult that are officially PISSING ME OFF. 

  1. Le Insta-love. Complete and utter bullshit. Every once and a while it’s ok. But, it also has to be done well. This whole falling in love with someone the moment you see them is crap and over-played. I’m sorry, but in my opinion that’s just liking how they look. 
  2. The “I couldn’t help myself/I just had to”. I couldn’t help myself I just had to follow her. I just had to make sure they were ok. ...And I feel like you've already lost me. This usually comes early on in the book and now when I see this I think about not even finishing the book. I keep going, but I've usually been right, this usually sets the tone.
  3. The “I just had to protect her”. That one is just pretty self-explanatory, and most of the time when I come across it I can’t help but think “Give me a break!”.
  4. Broken. Someone is always broken. Something huge has happened to them and affected them to the point where they can’t have a relationship or let anyone in. 
  5. The Rich Kid. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s around a lot. I mean A LOT. 
  6. Alpha Males. So after having read a bunch of New Adult books I once came across a book that did not have an alpha male…and I super appreciated it.
  7. The perfectly toned men.  Ever noticed how female always mentions that the guy is perfectly chiselled like a greek Adonis? Six pack, or sometimes eight pack? Don’t get me wrong…I like me a well made man, but that’s not always reality. What happend to average? 
  8. Big Junk. I mean really? Always? And does it always have to be pointed out?

Also…a lot of New Adults involve college. Do you notice how they barely ever go to class? And how do they have enough time to study or do homework? Yet it's usually mentioned at some point that they have stunning grades. I'm in University and I would love my life to be like that...its not. 

I still love New Adult. It has introduced me to stories that I absolutely love!

NA, I guess I’m just a little burnt out right now. I need some space. 

I’m not giving up on New Adult though. Oh hell no. Like I said, I’ve been introduced to too many good books from the New Adult genre. But, I am reeling it back. I think I’m gonna step away from reading them as often and probably get back to some YA. What I do know if that I'm going to start to be really picky about what NA books I read and how many. And sadly I can't always rely on other peoples opinions and ratings, because a lot of people rate a book really high for the smexy stuff even though the storyline is lacking. 

Do you agree with me? What do you guys think about the NA genre?

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  1. I'm with you here. I am very hesitant for starting new books, unless I love the author. Creativity here people!

    1. Entirely Agree! There are certain authors I will always read! Especially if I find an author I like that writes NA.

  2. I agree with many of the issues you are having with NA books right now.
    I also hate when some huge secret comes out or miscommunication tears the characters apart. I get that there has to be some type of conflict but it seems like a lot of the books I've read have the characters breaking up 75% into the book then coming back together. It's kind of annoying and predictable.

    1. I completely agree! I can always call the reason why they will break up at the beginning.

  3. Haha, big junk. Yea, New Adult is basically rich college kids meeting down on their luck college kids and hooking up and using abuse sex relationships as an excuse to ignore their problems that usually have easy fixes. The girl is always a virgin, but it never hurts the first time - totally normal. I think it's just a really popular genre right now cause it's older teens/early 20s characters who get it on, which is what YA lacks most of the time, which is what the reader actually wants to see. We're all smutty human beings, I got over this fact a long time ago. I have to pace myself with New Adult otherwise I get really annoyed and I have to just read them with a grain of sand and not take them too seriously.

    I've yet to read a New Adult that was set apart from the genre, but I know they exist. I just haven't read them yet. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Set apart from the genre - as in being a well written piece of fiction New Adult, not just a young adult romance novel.

    2. Hahahaha smutty human beings--I totally agree. We are, I'll admit that I am lol, but thankfully no matter what if there isn't a good storyline than the book isn't for me. And I agree about the relationship just hiding their problems. UGH! So annoying sometimes lol

    3. What's interesting is that there are really good NA books out there with all of the things you listed above, but they're done the right way. THOSE are the NA books that need to be more frequent. There's actually an author, Jessica Sorensen, and she wrote a YA series, and then she adapted it into a NA series. I've only read the YA so far, but imagine all the work and how thrilling it would be to be able to actually take the next step for her characters, instead of leaving it with just tension.

      As for a good storyline, if there isn't one, I'd rather just read a regular romance novel. Those are super smutty and don't pretend to not be.

  4. I love New Adult but at the same time I agree with everything you have said 100%. Almost all NA novels are following the exact same basic storylines now and many characters seem to be near identical carbon copies of one another from book to book. I have blogged about this exact same topic in the past :)

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