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Top Ten Tuesday (04.01.2014) Top Ten "Gateway" Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

This weeks "Top Ten Tuesday" is: Top Ten "Gateway" Books.

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Harry Potter #1
J.K. Rowling

I picked this book up in the sixth grade, when the fourth book was coming out. It is the first series I ever read. It was my gateway book into serious reading and my gateway book into Children's fantasy. 


The Princess Diaries #1
Meg Cabot

Before reading this series I had only read the Harry Potter series. So, this book opened me up to reading other books. It was a gateway book to a different genre: YA.


3.  Sarah Dessen

My friend lent me This Lullaby and I fell in love. This Lullaby was a gateway book into books with a more serious tone. Quickly after reading it I read every other book that Sarah Dessen had released at the time. I love her novels and she is one of my favourite authors. Her novels are always gateway books back into reading, and back into the YA genre.


The Mortal Instruments #1
Cassandra Clare

City of Bones was my gateway book into YA Supernatural. It was also my gateway book into bad boys.


Mercy Thompson #1
Patricia Briggs

Moon Called and the Mercy Thompson series was my gateway into Adult Supernatural/Fantasy. 
And thankfully it's a pretty great series.


Beautiful #1
Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster blew my mind and was my gateway book in New Adult (this was before New Adult was ever really even a genre--instead just a twinkle in someone's eye).


7. Jennifer L. Armentrout / J.Lynn

I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and her novels. Her books are always a gateway back into reading, or into a good YA or New Adult novel when I've strayed too far or have become discourages by the genre


Darynda Jones

This series is hilarious. Beyond a doubt. This series is always a gateway back into reading when I stray too far. It was also a gateway into a well written, humour filled, mystery covered, supernatural adult novel. 


 9. Stray
Shifters #1
Rachel Vincent

Stray was my gateway novel into Supernatural New Adult novel. It was technically before New Adult was a genre but it is most definitely classified that way now. It was my gateway into a series that had a little bit more gore, but still held some YA characteristics. 


Beautiful Bastard #1
Christina Lauren

This novel was my gateway into Fanfic. It was also my gateway into the Adult Adult novels. There isn't any bondage or anything crazy like that, just a lot of sexy time with a pretty good romance attached. 

What are you Top Ten Gateway books?

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