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Movie Review! The Other Woman (2014)

The Other Woman
Release Date: 25 April 2014
Staring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he's been cheating on. And when yet another affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on the three-timing SOB.

The storyline is pretty simple. Cameron Diaz finds out that the man she’s been dating and getting serious with is married. She accidentally finds out when she meets his wife, and ends up revealing what’s going on to his unsuspecting wife (Kate played by Leslie Mann). Kate and Carly then going together and start digging, turns out he’s also seeing Amber (played by Kate Upton), and this knowledge fuels all three women to revenge and justice. But there are so many things that happen along the way that make things interesting. 

The cast—The cast together is hilarious. Even Taylor Kinney and Nicki Minaj have some seriously hilarious lines. Their on screen chemistry is amazing! There are hilarious scenes that involve dancing, running and tackling, and the destruction of a room that had me laughing pretty hard. I also truly love Leslie Mann’s crying. It’s ugly crying and I just love it.

The story line—There is some plot twists that aren’t revealed in the trailer that really added something and left me overall pretty surprised and happy with the movie. This is also the kind of movie where you think “damn I wish something bad would happen to him” and it does. It’s awesome.

The characters--Each character is completely different. When it comes to the women you have: Carly (Diaz) who is a no B.S. head strong work-a-holic that is generally a player, Kate (Mann) the suzie-homemaker that is probably the nicest and craziest one of all, and Amber (Upton) the ditzy blonde (but luckily she's not too ditzy). Then there is the main guy who really comes across as a nice guy, until stuff hits the fan, and the Brother played by Taylor Kinney. He is sexy and funny. He also pulls off the shaven, scruff, and beard look in this movie, which is a plus in my books. And he threatens to beat up his sister's husband, which makes him an awesome brother and a sweet guy.

I guess I'm not a big fan of Nicki Minaj as an actor. She kind of seemed like she couldn't talk properly. But she was funny!

I usually have this section to compare the characters to their book counter-parts, but this movie isn't based off of a book--that I know of. So I'll give you a little low down on them.

As I said before each character is unique and the ensemble together just makes the movie. I went with my sister and right after the movie ended she said "I would so pay to see that again. Those people were funny," and that's a big thing for my sister. She never goes to the movies and she's never seen a movie twice in her life. So you know its good. 

Kate is the stay at home wife. She's an all around good girl that has put the needs of her husband before everything else. She supports his mentally and emotionally, and even gives him ideas for start-up companies. And when she finds out her husband is cheating on her she falls apart. Leslie Mann is absolutely awesome at playing Kate from being perky and supportive to having a complete mental break down she does it all and does it well.

Carly is a focused, stubborn, and self-centred woman who thinks she has found the one. She tries to be spontaneous and ends up finding out his married. So she tries to cut all ties and have nothing to do with him or his wife anymore. Cameron Diaz does a really great job of playing this type of character. She can play the girl that has her stuff together and knows what she wants very well, and can even come off as cold (cause her character is at times). But, I also love when her character becomes jealous and ends up having to be tackled--superbly funny

Amber is an all around fun and ditzy girl that obviously looks like a model (because she's played by one). But, she's also a good girl who wouldn't do anything wrong and never meant to hurt anyone. I guess I shouldn't call her a good girl because she's the one to suggest bodily harm, but thats only after she finds out she too is the "other woman"

I'm not sure that I have to actually say this but, Kate Upton is a model. Also, it is extremely hilarious. Its not PG 13 language and there is definitely some crude humour that you'll all enjoy

Well it’s about women, and the reaction each one has to being cheated on. But, it’s also all about changing when you form a bond with another friend, and it’s about what happens after the relationship. Really…this is a movie about finding yourself. 

Overall, this movie was amazing. It had myself and my sister laughing. Again, she falls a sleep through every movie (she’s tried to watched Harry Potter 8 times), so you know its pretty funny. Its been marketed as a movie about revenge on the guy that cheated on you, but really I didn’t come out of it thinking that way. I found it to be a movie about friendship, growth, and finding yourself outside of a relationship. 

“We got played by the same guy... do you want vodka or tequila?”

Carly Whitten: You wrecked two marriages!
Lydia: One of them was mine, so that doesn't count.

“If we find anymore mistresses I'm going to have to send her to rehab.”

Carly Whitten: He's married, OK. He has a wife.
Lydia: And you don't think you can take her?

“Don't come at me with all your weird little man logic.”

Carly Whitten: Between the two of us he has the perfect woman, what else would he need?
Kate King: The one thing we're not giving him: sex.

“I'm having fun; not a lot, but some.”

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