Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The love triangle...have you ever been torn? With book characters I mean.

The love Triangle. 

So many great books have it. And because of it ‘Teams’ were established. Yup, readers spiritually backed fictional characters—and everyone was ok with it. The book world, in fact, loves it. I love it. I’m a fan of a good team t-shirt, and image collage. 

Team names were even created. I am partial to Everlark. 

Teams came about because books were doing what books were mean to do. Books are meant to make an emotional connect, and/or at least generate an emotional reaction for the reader. 

And we can see just how true that is with Fandoms; especially with the development of OTP, ships, and everything else. 

When you start to ship (root for a relationship between two, sometime even more than two, characters) you generally decided on one person that you believe the main character is suppose to be with. This also applies to secondary characters, but for this argument I’m sticking with main characters. 

But, do you ever wavered in your ship?

Like I said I love teams, and have a few banners on my site representing my teams, but, I guess I'm asking if you ever feel yourself torn between the romantic interest in a novel and/or series? Or are you a true shipper?

I’m asking because I was talking about some Teams thats I ship with my friend and they told me I was pretty hard-core about my teams. 

See I and am always Team Peeta (Hunger Games), Team Dimitri (Vampire Academy), Team Aiden (Covenant Series), Team Four (Divergent), Team Jesse (Mediator Series), Team Ron (Harry Potter/although I never thought that love Triangle actually existed but according to something I found in a magazine there is), Team Patch (Hush, Hush), Team Marc (Shifters), Team Beck (Demon Trappers), Team Cole (White Rabbit Chronicles), Team Jack (Arcana Chronicles), Team Jace (Mortal Instruments), Team Will (Infernal Devices), Team Ash (Iron Fey), Team Quince (Fins), Team Damon (Lux), Team Ben (Unraveling)…and those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. And some I haven’t finished reading, or aren’t completed series, so for all I know I could be even more wrong, but still.

You see, personally, I barely every waiver. I mean barely. I stick with the same love interested throughout the novel and/or series without any doubt. Even when people are like “oh but the other guy is so awesome…”. I’m just like, “no”. End of conversation.

Is that weird? Does it mean that I don't connect with the book enough to stir up my emotions? Or maybe I understand the characters too well and can predict who the main character will choose? I say the last part because I’ve come to realize I choose the person they usually end up. I’m not saying every time, I have been wrong before.

Which actually brings up another question: Have you ever been on a Team that you knew wasn’t going to be the one picked in the end?

The only ‘Team’ I ever wavered on was Twilight. I like to think it’s because I hadn’t read many books in the genre so I didn’t really have a feel for it, or maybe it was a series that really had me emotional invested. Basically this is how I was: Book 1: Team Edward; Book 2: Team Jacob; Book 3: Confused; Book Four: Team Edward. I think it was mainly because Jacob could give her a life a close to human as possible, where as Edward couldn’t…I guess I was a little wrong on that one.

Some of you maybe are asking 'Why is this important?", but if you are seriously involved with the book world you're probably not, like me you've probably thought about it before, or are now happy to be thinking about it. But, either way, it's important to me because the academic community finds it interesting. Yup, I had a class were we studied FanVids and had an entire section on 'ship vids'. I've had classes on dystopian society novels were we discuss Team Peeta vs. Team Gale. Recently, in my Vampire class we are discussing Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. And really thats enough for me to realize that there is some importance in 'Teams' and 'ships'.

So tell me about your Love Triangle/ ‘Team’ experiences. Have you ever wavered? Have you always been a hard-core shipper/ Team supporter? What do you think it means when you are emotionally invested in just one love interest and not the other?

Oh, the confusing and emotionally challenging life of being a reader. *Sigh.

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  1. I loved this post! These are questions that I have thought about several times, but never really had the means to discuss it. Usually, like you, I am unwavering in the team that I choose. Even when I know that team will probably lose in the end, I still stick with them. i can absolutely see the merits in the other team, and even the reasoning why the other team may win in the end, but I still stick with my ship so to speak! The only wavering I can think of is Team Peeta and Team Gale. Most of the time, my team wins. Thank goodness! But I can think of a few where my team lost, and it is heartbreaking for me and sometimes I think it is downright stupid. Take Team Tucker vs. Team Christian. I am fully, 100% in Team Christians corner, and I think that series was almost ruined because of the ending. Man, isn't it funny (and amazing) how invested we get in our amazing book relationships!



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